Unusual occupations

ByElsa Sc S

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March 5, 2023

Unusual occupations

Elsa Sc S describes new professions & Unusual occupations

The last two decades saw a transformational change in the outlook of professional and unusual occupations with many new jobs emerging which never existed before. The rise of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram has changed the definition of professions and mythical concepts such as virtual reality and crypto-currency have blossomed and have given birth to jobs never heard of before. These jobs are not only interesting but are also very lucrative.

3-D Printing Technicians emerged with the invention of the 3D printer in the 1980s and is rated to be an exceptionally best invention. It has made it possible to print everything from medical equipment to earrings in these remarkable dimensions. 3D printing technicians are hired by companies to manufacture 3D-printed goods as well as maintain the machines. Technicians should be familiar with computer-aided design and modeling software.

Artificial Intelligence only became widespread in the business world in the earlier part of this century but in more recent years a whole new crop of jobs has sprung up within the field. It is now rated as one of the fastest growing industries for high-tech professionals and has given rise to AI Chatbot Copywriters who create the personality and language for artificially intelligent robots in various roles such as recruiting. It is a unique job where creative writing and technology merge.

Amazon is a recent development that has taken the market by storm. Fulfillment by Amazon allows product sellers to scale their businesses by selling their goods directly through Amazon. Creators of the product can store their product at an Amazon fulfillment center and Amazon takes care of the packing, shipping, and customer service. Amazon FBA seller legitimately earns quick cash and performs valuable service.

Data Analytics And Statics

Since after the launch of the Apple App Store in 2008, the ensuing decade has provided App Developers a chance to develop their own apps and market them on the laid-down platform.  The raging impact of platforms that help user-generated content such as Facebook and YouTube has given rise to the need to require the service of a Content Moderator who takes care of sifting through this content to make sure it meets the company’s standards.

One of the newest jobs is that of Data Scientists who use their knowledge of analytics, statistics, and programming to collect, analyze and interpret large sets of data in unusual occupations. They then use this data to help businesses come up with solutions to various problems. They are hired on high salaries and the average salary is estimated to be $140,462.

Digital Marketers plan and implement marketing campaigns for the web, email, and social media and are engaged to monitor the performance of these campaigns. This is a specialist job that earns a lot of money.

Drone Pilots manage flight operations of unmanned aerial vehicles. UAVs are now used by businesses widely and are instrumental in changing the business world. They are used for carrying out land surveys, infrastructure inspection, and film production, and even used to deliver life-saving medical supplies.

The fantastic job of a Genetic Counselor was not very prominent till late but now represents specialized education in genetics and counseling providing personalized help to patients as they make decisions about their genetic health including getting tested for inherited diseases.

Social media influencer is made to earn millions by building a following, posting pictures on Instagram, and promoting products for sponsors. This photo-sharing platform did not even exist until 2010. The Weekender


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