Unique phenomena

ByElsa Sc S

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February 26, 2023

Unique phenomena

Elsa Sc S invite attention towards exceptional unique phenomena

The world is full of unique phenomena and scintillating visuals but some of them are extraordinarily bewitching. Such visuals arouse a sense of exhilaration and energise human spirit. These spectacular visuals are fortunately being captured on camera and have become part of archives maintained by researchers and enthusiasts. These spectacles are highly valued and are appreciated very widely.

Aurora borealis and aurora australis

This is an extraordinary optical unique phenomena that occurs in the atmosphere with bright spots, usually red, green or blue, caused by the interaction of protons and electrons with the Earth’s ionosphere. The phenomenon is most intense during periods of high solar activity.

Blood Falls, Blood Falls in Antarctica

About two million years ago, hyper-salty, ferrous water came in contact with oxygen, the chemical reaction created a spectacular waterfall of a scarlet blood-red colour that still stands out in contrast to the white glacier Taylor and the lake Bonney.

Bioluminescent sides Unique Phenomena

This natural phenomenon known as bioluminescence is light produced by marine microorganisms called phytoplankton, which illuminate only a few beaches around the world, including the shores of the island of Vaadhoo in the Maldives, bays in Thailand and Vietnam, Jervis Bay in Australia or Mosquito Bay, on the island of Vieques at Porto Rico just to name a few.

Lightning storm, Venezuela

The spectacular Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela has always been the site of an impressive natural phenomenon that has caught the attention of humans since the dawn of time: the thunderstorm. Here this impressive and frightening atmospheric phenomenon occurs with a record-breaking intensity and frequency that record the highest number of lightning strikes per square kilometer, about 250 on average per year spread over 260 days per year.

Unique Phenomena Of Pink Lakes, Australia

One of the most famous is the pink lake at Hillier, a 600-meter-long lake on the edge of the island of Middle in the archipelago Recherche off the south coast of Western Australia.

Cano Cristales, Liquid Rainbow in Colombia

The Caño Cristales river at La Macarena in Colombia, is also known by the name Liquid Rainbow because of its different colours it is a very Unique phenomena.

Volcanic lightning on Mt. Sakurajima, Japan

Active volcanoes are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena ever, but when real lightning also erupts from their craters, the scenery becomes truly hellish. The Weekender


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