Unconventional museums



April 17, 2023

Unconventional museums

Umair Jalali looks at some interesting places

One of the most interesting aspects of human life in the modern age is the growing number of unconventional museums reflecting the curiosity human race harbours about multifarious activities it experiences. Though most museums cater to preserve things of the past but some have unique characteristics that attract visitors in large number.

International Museum of Cryptozoology located at Maine in America. Loren Coleman is its founder and it was ostensibly created to promote the curious discipline of studying specimens not catalogued by science. In this museum one can find legendary creatures such as the famous Yeti, the Chupacabras, or Nessie, the monster of Loch Ness.

UFO International Museum situated in New Mexico, USA is for lovers of extraterrestrials and the unexplored who find it as a piece of heaven. It is based in Roswell, the town where reportedly a UFO was found in 1947. Flying saucers, conspiracies, aliens, they are all part of the museum and the town’s history.

Museum of Funeral Carriages is located in Barcelona, Spain. It is quite weird in nature as it deals with funeral carriages. Imagining such places is dark and gloomy but in reality, this museum in Barcelona’s Montjuic Cemetery and has a collection of beautiful and enchanting old carriages. Despite the glitter of its wares, the museum is still scary.

Watermelon Museum situated in Beijing displays more than 100 types of watermelons as the largest watermelon fields in the world are located in Beijing. It is an interesting place to visit.
Parasitological Museum located in Meguro, Japan is full of parasites of the world and one can learn everything about them. It is interesting yet intimidating seeing a giant tapeworm as it is a 9-meter tapeworm waiting for visitors to have a look at.

Museum of the Witches is in Zugarramurdi, Spain. Witchcraft and sorcery cause a lot of curiosity and the town of Zugarramurdi, known as ‘The Witch Village,’ has a particular history with witch hunts. It contains legends surrounding the Spanish Inquisition, showing how people lived in the village and how they ended up being burned at the stake.

Museum of Broken Relationships is in Zagreb, Croatia. The failure of love has been known to most of people. In the museum of broken relationships, one can see it materialise: bridal gowns, letters, and photos of finished relationships.

Museum of Bad Art is located at Massachusetts. People may not be aware that the drawings they made that made their mothers proud could land in a museum. The Museum of Bad Art collects ‘art too bad to be forgotten and one can see over 500 pieces that are hard to ignore.

Hair Museum is located in Avanos, Turkey and Chez Galip is its founder. The Avanos Hair Museum consists of a very strange cave in which about 16,000 strands of hair are hanging from the walls and ceiling. It all began when a friend of Chez Galip had to leave Avanos and left him a lock of hair as a souvenir and since there have been many additions. TW

Umair Jalali teaches in The Royal Colosseum and is an avid sports fan


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