Trusted digestive foods

ByUzair Ali

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June 1, 2022

Trusted digestive foods

Uzair Ali mentions some healthy foods

The main issue of eating food is to digest it. Trusted digestive foods issue has always remained a problem for the human race and it has been badly affected by it. For centuries human beings have been trying to find a way out to save themselves from indigestion and they have partially devised some medicinal solutions that help digestion. The issue however remains alive as people cannot avoid eating and most of the times they feel it difficult to digest what they eat. Many experts have however recommended eating food items that are easy on the digestive system and some of them are mentioned below.
Papaya has a high diuretic value, which means it stimulates urinating and the removal of water and salt from your body. According to recent studies it also helps prevent colon cancer.
Olive oil
Healthy fats in regular and (especially) virgin olive oil promote the intestinal transit. The best way to consume the oil (as far as digestion is concerned), is to add it to a good salad rich in fiber.
Whole grain rice
Brown rice can have laxative effects and it also provides minerals and B-vitamins. As opposed to white rice, which is astringent, this food helps combating constipation. It is recommended to eat it three times a week.
Dried prunes and raisins
Prunes and raisins are a great source of fiber and nutrients. By taking two pieces or portions a day, you will noticeably improve your intestinal transit.
All nuts are rich in fiber, but almonds are the most fiber-containing nuts. Right behind them are pistachios, walnuts and hazelnuts. While they help with your digestion, you shouldn’t take too many of them at a time, because they have a lot of calories.
In addition to their enormous contribution of vitamin C, oranges can give very good results in terms of achieving a regular digestion.
Whole wheat bread
Traditional bread is discouraged when you’re suffering from constipation. Whole-grain bread (or other seeded bread) can help regulate your bowel activity.
Figs are especially effective when they are dried. A regular intake of this food is ideal for your digestive system. TW

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Uzair Ali is in the finance sector


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