Transparent Animals

ByIzay Ayesha



November 19, 2022

Transparent Animals

Izay Ayesha describes an interesting phenomenon

Transparent animals are everywhere and they are one of the most remarkable specimens of the vagaries of nature. Nature, at times, appears extremely moody and creates life that is not only surprising and ironical. Being invisible or hard to see is a great way to hide from predators or sneak up on prey but camouflage is not the only reason to be transparent. The existence of such Transparent Animals is a treat to watch and observe and fascinate human beings. Such animals are not frequently observed but when they do then they are widely followed. They are a unique feature of the overall existence inhabiting this world and head-turning every-time they are seen.

Colourless rotifer
The colourless rotifer is named after its double crown of cilia, which looks like a rotating wheel when it propels through water. These microscopic animals can be found almost anywhere there is water, including puddles, the surface of trees, and the underside of icebergs.

Palmato gecko
Blood vessels and other internal organs are visible through the nearly see-through skin of the palmato gecko. This transparent quality helps it hide in the desert sand.

Bigfin reef squid
Bigfin reef squid make the rest of their body transparent to show off their reproductive organs when they are ready to mate.

Harlequin ghost pipefish
The harlequin ghost pipefish changes colour to hide in its surroundings, sometimes using transparency as part of its colour pattern. Mating harlequin ghost pipefish assume matching colour patterns.

Transparent goby
A favourite food in the Mediterranean, the transparent goby is protected from being overfished by regulations. The transparent goby is also a popular aquarium fish.

Thornback ray
The transparent nose and fins of the thornback ray help it become part of the ocean floor as it waits for prey.

Sea angels
With their transparent bodies and wings, it’s easy to see how sea angels, also called sea butterflies, got their name. Sea angels are actually sea snails that have evolved to have no shell.

The semi-slug is also a snail in disguise, but its shell is so small the animal can’t retract into it like a snail would. The Puerto Rican semi-slug has a flap of skin that completely covers its shell. TW


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