Transparent Animals..2

ByUmair Ali

Trainee lawyer


November 26, 2022

Transparent Animals

Umair Ali describes an interesting phenomenon

Transparent animals are everywhere and they are one of the most remarkable specimens of the vagaries of nature. Nature, at times, appears extremely moody and creates life that is not only surprising and ironical. Being invisible or hard to see is a great way to hide from predators or sneak up on prey but camouflage is not the only reason to be transparent. The existence of such animals is a treat to watch and observe and fascinate human beings. Such animals are not frequently observed but when they do then they are widely followed. They are a unique feature of the overall existence inhabiting this world and head-turning every-time they are seen.

Glass frog
The translucent skin of the glass frog offers a clear view of its internal organs, like the heart and liver. The creature’s near invisibility allows it to elude both predators and researchers by blending in with its surroundings.

Jellyfish are 98 per cent water, making them almost invisible in the ocean. Their watery bodies pulse to create a current, pushing tiny animals across stinging cells on their outside layer.

Glass shrimp
The glass shrimp, or ghost shrimp, is found in freshwaters throughout North America. Sometimes these animals are so clear you can see the food in their digestive tract.

Glasswing butterfly
Many new researches show the tissue structure in the wings of the glasswing butterfly minimizes light reflection. Without reflecting light, the butterflies are invisible to predatory birds.

Transparent jumping spider
Jumping spiders are known for their excellent vision. The transparent jumping spider became an internet sensation with many recorded videos showing its moving retina.

Golden tortoise beetle
The transparent shell of the golden tortoise beetle has three layers that fill with red pigment when it sees a potential mate. Light reflected through the shell layers gives off a golden metallic sheen.

Blue transparent tunicate
Some tunicates are nearly invisible because the surface of their outer layer, or “tunic,” bends light to make it look just like water. The fluorescent blue tint in the blue transparent tunicate is from high concentrations of vanadium in its blood cells.

Transparent leafhopper nymph
Transparency is a camouflage tool for many insect nymphs. This leafhopper nymph will take on the green colouration of an adult as it moults into maturity. TW

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