Tomato’s journey



May 3, 2023

Tomato’s Journey

Izay Ayesha describes an
incredible history

Tomato’s Journey – Tomato has become part and parcel of cuisines throughout the globe and their typical taste is very endearing. Simultaneously sweet and sour tomatoes are a staple that makes cuisines exceptionally tasteful. Whether used in salads, sauces or simply eaten raw, they add a burst of flavour and colour to any dish. They are easy to grow and their crop pays handsomely making it to be cultivated throughout the world. Interestingly, tomato was not initially welcomed but gradually created its space within the edible world and has become an essential part of any kitchen whether it is located in a household or used for commercial purpose. In fact, for a long time, tomatoes were considered poisonous and were grown only for their ornamental value. The history of the tomato is fascinating and spans centuries and continents and is worth describing.

The origin of tomatoes is well-established as they are native to South America and were first cultivated by the Aztecs in what is now Mexico. For a long time their cultivation was limited to South America and no one hardly knew about them. When the Spanish conquistadors arrived in South America in the 16th century they discovered tomatoes and brought them to Europe. However, it was not well received by Europeans, who believed the tomato was poisonous because of its resemblance to the deadly nightshade plant. Since there was not technologically appropriate food examination system, therefore, it was not accepted for consumption. Starting in the 18th century, tomatoes became widely accepted as a food product in Europe and eventually made their way to North America.

Today, the tomato is one of the most widely grown and consumed fruits in the world with countless varieties and uses in cooking. In the current age tomato is the most demanded ingredient of cuisines around the world and are greatly sought after edible item. The Weekender

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