The worst cities to live in

ByShahmir Kazi

works in the private sector with interest in socio-political affairs


September 11, 2023

Worst cities

Shahmeer Kazi describes
unliveable habitats

Along with some good cities there are also some cities that are rated below average. These cities have common problems such as serious social and political issues. They also suffer from widespread security concerns and the people living in there lack personal protection and face risks that they have no control over. These cities have scarce presence of foreigners are citizens of many countries are advised to refrain from traveling to these cities. They also have scarce presence of diplomatic and consular personnel and the ones who are posted there are provided extra security and are advised to move about with utmost care. These cities are known to be prone to violence and often prove disastrous to their citizens.

Damascus, Syria
Damascus, in Syria, is the oldest capital in the world and a major cultural center for the Arab world. However, what makes Syria the worst place to live in is the ongoing violent civil war.

Lagos, Nigeria
Lagos, the cultural capital of Nigeria, made the list because, according to the U.S. Department of State, it is known for crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping and maritime crime.

Tripoli, Libya
Tripoli, the capital of Libya, made the list because of its civil war. Even though it ended in 2020, violence hasn’t come to an end. Far from it, there are growing fears of a new civil war.

Algiers, Algeria
The capital of Algeria made it to the list of the worst cities to live in because of increasing terrorist activity due to the presence of Islamist groups. Furthermore, there’s a lack of basic services and high unemployment.

Harare, Zimbabwe
With a very violent political culture, security forces have committed human rights’ violations that have not been addressed. Other human rights concerns include a severe water and sanitation crisis, forced evictions, and child marriages.

Douala, Cameroon
Douala is a coastal city in southwest Cameroon and the country’s economic capital. According to Human Rights Watch, at least 4,000 civilians have been killed by both government forces and armed separatist fighters since 2016 in the midst of an armed conflict that seeks independence for Anglophone regions.

Tehran, Iran
Since a dictatorial regime took over Iran in 1979, its capital, Tehran, is not the flourishing city it once was. Human rights abuses have been committed by the government ever since, and have just been getting worse after the ongoing social protests that started in August 2022. The Weekender


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