Simly Dam



April 29, 2022

Simply Dam

Enchanting Pakistan

Water resources in Pakistan are abundant particularly in its northern areas. Northern parts are full of glaciers and its hilly terrain receives plenty of snowfall. At the onset of summer season the melting waters begin to flow downward towards vast plains. The need to store such water flows was felt quite early and many local dams were constructed that were used to provide water to the residents of all areas coming in the water range and are also used for irrigation purposes.
The areas surrounding federal capital Islamabad and adjoining districts are partly hilly and partly plain. Such terrain facilitates storage of water and is considered an ideal formation. The prospects of storing water in these areas were bright and resulted in construction of Simly dam. Fed by melting snow and natural springs of Murree Hills, Simly Dam is an 80 meters high earthen water reservoir built on River Soan containing fresh water that is supplied to residents of the area. It is 313 meters in length and possesses storage capacity of 28,740 acre feet. Conveniently located at 30 km east of Islamabad its exquisitely alluring surroundings have transformed it into a much sought after holiday resort for residents of Islamabad.
Simly Dam Islamabad is the largest reservoir of pure drinking water for the populations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi and is quite centrally located for convenience. Simly Dam was developed by Capital Development Authority (CDA) of Islamabad and was completed in 1983 after consistent work. The locale of Simly dam is ideal for farm housing and many farm houses have been developed around it that add value to the whole area.
Simly Dam and its vicinity are picturesque in every sense and its lovely surroundings are multiplied by natural curves of water considered ideal for boating. The ideal location of the dam has succeeded in attracting lots of wild life such as Fruit bats, Asiatic leopard, Wild boar, Yellow throated marten, Golden Jackal, Pangolin, Rhesus Macaque, Leopard cat, Gray Goral sheep, Barking deer, Chinkara gazelle, Red fox, Porcupine that are often found strolling around Baragali freeway. It is also a large fish repository. TW


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