Scintillating movies

ByNida Faraz

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January 21, 2023

Scintillating movies

Nida Faraz describes some highly attractive films

Some Scintillating movies succeed in carving a niche for themselves and become legendary in their own right. Such Scintillating movies are repeatedly watched and never lose their freshness. It is always a treat to watch them again and again.

High Fidelity
Rob (played by John Cusack) is a vinyl record store owner who is about to go bankrupt. The young man has an identity crisis when his girlfriend leaves him. After sharing his love story with his two employees and friends, he realizes that he wants to get back together with his ex.

Remember this one from Bruce Willis? David Dunn is the sole survivor of a train crash. When a mysterious stranger, Elijah Prince, suddenly appears in his life and gives him a strange reason of why he survived the life of David and his family change for good.

Erin Brockovich
Julia Roberts performs an Oscar-winning role as Erin Brockovich. The movie, based on a real story, was nominated for an Oscar as well. Brockovich is a single mother who works in a small law firm. Although her start in the company is discouraging, everything will change when she decides to investigate the role of a power company in the mysterious health problems of its surrounding townspeople.

The movie is an instant classic about the American ‘War on Drugs.’ One of its characters is Mexican agent Javier Rodriguez who wages a battle against drug traffickers. Benicio del Toro, who plays Rodriguez and won an Oscar for this role.

Requiem for a Dream
Jennifer Connelly’s mother in the film, Sara, is a widow who becomes addicted to diet pills and obsessed with participation in a beauty pageant. Her son Harry, a heroin addict, starts selling drugs with his girlfriend to set up his own business. The characters’ dreams in this acclaimed movie are bound to collapse into tragic endings.

Final Destination
A young student has a premonition when he gets on a plane. Sensing that something bad is going to happen, he and his friends leave the plane. And indeed, it crashes. While the group of youngsters thinks they have defeated destiny and escaped death, fate is still coming for them.

A well-crafted story told backward, this movie will stay with you long after it’s over. Guy Pierce plays Leonard who lacks a short-term memory and only remembers that his wife was murdered. Using notes, photographs, and the tattoos on his body, he tries to find out who the killer is, why he did it, and seek revenge.

It seems like yesterday that mutants fought each other for control of planet Earth. One group was led by Dr. Charles Xavier and the other by Magnus or Magneto. Here you see Hugh Jackman in his role of Wolverine. TW


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