Saral Lake



May 22, 2022

Enchanting Pakistan

One of the wonders of nature is Saral Lake located on Saral Gali in Jalkhad Valley in Azad Kashmir at the height of 13,600 feet. It is a natural wonder to find a large lake on such high altitude and the view is indeed breathtaking. It is inconceivable to see such a cluster of pristine water much inside the rough exterior of the surrounding areas. Saral Lake is spell-bounding and its effect lingers on. Surrounded by tall and snowy mountains, breathtaking greenery and flowers the lake is a hidden treasure rarely found in such mountainous regions. To add to its majesty is its twin lake that is hidden below the Saral Lake and is a treat to watch. The water from Saral Lake flows into this apparently hidden lake and it brings in a surreal feeling in every visitor who visits the scene. The exquisite surroundings contain huge boulders, marmots and pink flowers that give a distinct air to Saral Lake. Due to its location, the lake is largely safe from human depredation and retains its pure beauty and elegance. It is home to many birds that flow in from central Asia in winters and add to the beauty of the area. The vegetation around the lake is widely used for medicinal purposes and is obtained regularly. The area is also known for rare animals coming into the open in summers including many reptiles that are singularly undefined.
Saral Lake is approached through Muzaffarabad, Sharda, Gumut and Nala. The lake could be accessed by SUVs as the approach is full of difficult edges and sharp bends. Owing to its difficult location it remains generally inaccessible and has remained largely clean although it could be spotted from Dudipatsar Lake. The trekkers, however, find the location an ideal place for their sport and enjoy their leisure moments at the lake. A must-visit site, Saral Lake is just out of this world.TW


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