Resilient Pakistan

ByHoor Asrar Rauf

A national swimming champion and recently Graduated from UCF-USA in Hospitality and Event Management


August 20, 2022

Hoor Asrar looks at the inherent strength of Pakistan

While ensnared in multiple squabbles Pakistanis invariably forget to look around and see the positive side of the country. Pakistan widely famed for its profound resilience and countless skeptical observers the country has consistently defied all predictions about the country and has emerged as a country with the will to maintain its position in the region. Though there is hardly any doubt that Pakistan had to traverse a difficult path in the last many decades owing to weakness of governance and misplaced policies and their implementation. Despite all the setbacks suffered by the country is simply irrepressible and has steadfastly refused to buckle under the force of circumstances. By all accounts, things are settling down and opportunities are on the anvil and there is clearly a will to make the best of them. The traditional socio-political landscape is gradually unraveling and giving way to more solid ground from where the country will travel towards prosperity.

A majority of Pakistanis probably fails to realise how much effort has gone into defeating the monster of terrorism that had become an existential threat to the country. The nitty-gritty of the hard fought battle is not known to the populace in its entirety. Skeptics dismiss offhand the success of anti-terrorist drive in Pakistan and do not even pay attention to how much the international opinion praises the persistent resolve of Pakistan’s defence forces to get to grips with hardcore extremism and its violent insurgence. Despite stern action taken against formidable terrorist threat, the resurgence of terrorist elements in the country are reported galvanizing the strategy adopted by the security forces to nip them in the bud.

Pakistan is a land of surprising characteristics that is blessed with regular four seasons of the climate. It is also a place of extremes as snowbound mountains cover its north and scorching heat envelopes its southern areas. The cold aspect is signified by world’s second-highest and the ninth-highest mountains; K2 and Nanga Parbat, and the inhospitable hot Thar Desert is among the world’s largest sub-tropical deserts. Pakistan is quite a green country producing regular crops of grains, fruit and vegetables. Most of Pakistani edibles are exported bringing in much needed foreign exchange. The fertility of Pakistani lands is widely acknowledged with Chinese and Gulf countries interested in buying lands for agricultural purposes. Currently Pakistan suffers from water scarcity but it is expected that the country would soon start drip farming under the guidance of Chinese expertise.

Pakistan is one of the oldest recognised lands in the region and it is known to the legatee of ancient civilisations. The land of Pakistan is a veritable witness to the rigours of history as it was once the home of some of the oldest civilisations: Indus Valley and Mohenjo-Daro. Pakistan is enriched by being a multi-ethnic, multilingual country whose people have very well gelled into a coordinated entity. It is the sixth most populous country in the world that contains a huge reservoir of young manpower that comprises around 60% of the total population. This means that Pakistan is a young country having adequate manpower to bring to fruition all future socio-economic efforts. If viewed optimistically, Pakistan is included in the exclusive list of eleven countries that have been predicted to achieve economic growth. Pakistan is now considered at par with BRICS countries i.e. Brazil, Russia, India China and South Africa and is on its way to become one of the largest economies of the world in coming years. It has currently trying hard to grappled with energy deficiency and is fast acquiring the resources to produce enough energy for its people and production.

Once lagging far behind Pakistan’s literacy rate has galloped to 250% in a short span of half a decade. This mammoth increase is rated to be one of the highest ever achieved. Pakistan ranked very high amongst 125 countries as its people were considered fourth most intelligent people in the world quoted in survey organised by European Business Administration. Pakistanis have managed to clinch top positions in O/A level tests conducted by the redoubtable foreign university and the efficacy of Pakistani talent is internationally recognised. It is no mean achievement to mention that Pakistan is acknowledged as the seventh largest pool of scientists and engineers and is known possessing the fourth largest internet system in the world. These are very important pedestals on which future development will be based upon.

In the context of Pakistan it must always been kept in view that Pakistan is the seventh nuclear power of the world and the world consists of nearly two hundred countries. The atomic status gives Pakistan a unique distinction of looking in the eye of the most powerful countries in the world. Pakistan can never be brow-beaten and this is such a hard fact that should make every Pakistani proud. Pakistan achieved this distinction while being resource-deficient and even the rich oil producing Muslim countries could not dream of acquiring nuclear technology. The technical expertise required to develop atomic facility is never easy but Pakistani brilliance and resourcefulness turned impossibility into a reality.

Along with the nuclear capability Pakistan is well-secure a country as it possesses sixth largest military in the world which is well disciplined and extremely motivated. The professionalism and conduct of Pakistani troops is legendary and their services are often in demand for training and technical purposes. Pakistan is a regular contributor to UN Peacekeeping missions. Pakistan’s missile technology is rated amongst the premier technologies of the world. Pakistan is producing weapons on a large scale that are being willingly purchased by many countries now. The ammunition produced by defence factories of Pakistan is very potent and is quite in demand. With Chinese collaboration Pakistan produced PAC JF-17 Thunder aircraft that is renowned for being a lightweight, single-engine, multi-role combat aircraft.

Apart from its strategic land location, Pakistan is also blessed with strings of extremely functional seaports in the region. It has attracted attention of regional leader China that is now developing world’s largest warm-water, deep-sea port on the Arabian Sea at Gwadar in Balochistan. Pakistan irrigates its productive lands through the largest irrigation system in the world and contains the world’s largest earth filled dam. The irrigation system helps in providing water to an estimated 14.4 million hectares. Pakistan is also rich in coal reserves that are massive as is the world’s second largest salt mine at Khewra.

As far as the personal side of life is concerned, Pakistanis are generous to a fault and very charitable in spirit. The country hosts one of the largest ambulance networks in the world and has also broken through in international benchmarks of excellence and tenacity in fields of science and technology although lot more is required to be done and efforts are afoot in this respect. Pakistan’s ingenuous capacity as a surprising country is that it is one of the largest exporters of surgical instruments that are used the world over in every kind of health facility. On the other hand it manufactures 50% of the footballs used in the game. To top it all Pakistanis are the world’s happiest people as verified by no less than a United Nations report. TW


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