Remarkable colours

ByUmair Jalali

Teaches in The Royal Colosseum and is an avid sports fan


January 21, 2023

Remarkable colours

Umair Jalali describes some fascinating creatures

Animals are the most wonderful thing that nature has given to human race. It is observed that there are many animal species that have very unusual shapes and colours. The remarkable colours and particular colouration can serve to disguise itself from predators, to imitate another species or to find a partner. Humans are attracted to the most extraordinary colours and shapes and are fascinated by them. These creatures are indeed unique in their colours that are unbelievably flashy.

Purple sea snail
This particular species of snail is a holoplanktonic sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk of the Epitoniidae family. Its common names include purple sea snail, common purple snail, large purple snail and purple storm snail. It is a remarkable species and is very attractive.

Black Rooster
This particular species of chicken is a very unusual breed of chicken. The origin of this species comes from Dhar and Jhabua in Indian Madhya Pradesh. These birds are mostly bred by rural and tribal populations. There are three varieties: raven black, golden and pencil. The meat of this breed has a geographical indication that has also obtained official approval and it is well-recognised.

White peacock
This fascinating species is found in South West Asia. This unusual peacock belongs to the Phasianidae family. This particular species of peacock has a completely white coat. The tail of the male resembles a gorgeous lace. However, this species has a weak point: excessive inbreeding. This makes it susceptible to diseases and unstable climate.

Blue lobster
Also known as European lobster and with the local names of Sea elephant, Lupicante, Sea wolf, it is a decapod crustacean belonging to the Nephropidae family. Blueish in colour with yellow patches on the back and light belly, this crustacean lives on underwater rocks and can reach half a meter in length but common specimens measure from 30 to 40 centimeters. The lobster is present in the eastern parts of the Atlantic Ocean, from north-western Norway to the Azores and Morocco. Its presence is common throughout the Mediterranean and northwest of the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.x

Peacock mantis shrimp
Also known as mantis shrimp, peacock mantis, painted mantis or harlequin mantis, it is a saltwater crustacean belonging to the Odontodactylidae family. The peacock shrimp has the characteristic of being multi-coloured, usually having a mainly green color, orange legs with leopard spots, as well as on the anterior carapace. TW


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