Relevance of Islamic ideology

ByDr. Tahseen Mahmood Aslam

Designation: is an educationist with wide experience


January 21, 2023

Relevance of Islamic ideology

Dr. Tahseen Mahmood Aslam describes the continuous
functional value of Islam

Relevance of Islamic ideology is an extremely relevant system presenting strong ideologically-based functional contours of existing meaningfully in this life. It is widely acknowledged that Islamic ideological teachings are harmoniously conceived and adequately complement each other. The matter of fact is that nothing in Islamic practices are superfluous and nothing is lacking and the result is solid composure and absolute balance inherent in them. Islam recognises that human beings require resources to maintain life and fulfill both individual and the social needs along with attaining knowledge about principles of individual and social behaviour enabling him to maintain justice and sustainable tranquility in human life. The underlying logic of this process is that God Almighty has provided humans with natural resources to cater to their needs and it is expected that they will use them with justice and equanimity. In order to provide spiritual, social and cultural guidance God Almighty has sent prophets to the Earth with the intention to reveal to the human race the code of life most suitable to its existence.

In this context it is very clear that Islam has provided essential knowledge to the human race for living a satisfactory life on Earth according to divine injunctions. Islam emphasises that the existence of human being on this Earth is temporary and he will go back to his heavenly ordained abode and his life will be accordingly evaluated. To ensure that human life in this world is lived in a manner justifiable when the code of accountability is applied to it. In this context what is primarily required is leading a simple life. Islam is crystal clear about the basic ingredients of such a conduct and lays down basic articles of faith that are based upon sound logic and reason. Islam accordingly advises living simply and therefore keeps human beings free of a hierarchical clergy, no far-fetched abstractions, complicated rites and rituals and simplified code of existence.

Islam provides guidance based on rational principles and enjoins man to see things in the light of reality. It teaches man to use his intellect and observe as well understand the real meanings of the presence of the things around him. To strengthen his belief in Islamic system Islam has stressed attainment of knowledge and considers it obligatory for mankind. Islam appreciates the intellectual activities of man and places him much higher in the scheme of things on the Earth. It must be appreciated that to such no religion except Islam went ever so far in asserting the dominance of reason and of learning and puts them above all other manifestations of life.

To give it more clarity Islam is not based on empty or futile theories that are more peripheral in nature. Islam intensely educates in attaining a practical approach towards human existence both as an individual and as a social being. Islam emphasises that it is not a mere profession of beliefs but engulfs the entire essence of life. It is a religion which is something to be lived and not an object of simple statements. To ensure homogeneity Islam declares material prosperity as desirable though not the goal in itself. Side by side it emphasises moral aspect of existence and leads man towards a consciousness of moral responsibility by his adoption of practicality in his life.

To align all aspects of human existence Islam does not divide life in water tight compartments of matter and spirit. It is against asceticism and believes in the achievement of spiritual elevation by living piously in this world with a complete sense of virtue and morality instead of renouncing the world. Every individual Muslim has to regard himself as personally responsible for all happenings around him and to strive for the establishment of right and abolition of wrong at every time and every direction. Islam enjoins man to devote all his energies to the reconstruction of life on healthy and moral foundations.
As a universal religion Islam has a wide horizon and scope and it is not restricted to the private matters and affairs concerning an individual but deals with all fields of human existence. It carries within its teachings a complete guidance pertaining to all aspects of life. Islam is very clear in its injunctions emphasising that its objectives are purification of soul and the reformation of society. It is in this context that Islam comes to fore as a complete code of life as it integrates man with God and awakens in him a new moral consciousness and instructs him to deal with all problems of life in complete accordance with divine injunctions. To ensure sustainable homogeneity Islam does not accord any distinction to the considerations of colour, creed, language or nationality. Islam professes strongly that all men are equal in its eyes of Islam and insists on the removal of all impediments on the basis of status, wealth and social status. This is an extremely strong foundation for ensuring sustainable equity and equanimity of human life. TW


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