Recommended Food Supplements

ByHanain Brohi

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September 18, 2022

Recommended Food Supplements

Hanian Brohi suggests some beneficial dietary supplements

There is no age for taking recommended food supplements as they suit every year human beings enjoy existence on this planet. Their presence however is a contentious issue as divergent opinions about their efficacy exist. Dietary supplements are a vast subject but they are very relevant in countries like Pakistan where the dietary controls are slack and level of hygiene is very low.

The critics of supplements argue that a balanced diet does not mean popping pills as all of the vitamins and minerals should be accounted for. On the other hand it is pointed out that it is difficult to get all the nutrients needed from the diets available and that is easy to keep physically fit.

There are conflicting reports about the advantages of taking supplements as new researches point out that the highly celebrated Omega-3 supplements did nothing to prevent heart attacks and that Vitamin C capsules could do more harm than good.

But there is another opinion that cites the benefits of supplements in providing vital assistance to human health and good living. In the backdrop of these factors it is important to focus on supplements that have proven high-nutritional value and have known to be beneficial.

Vitamin D

Out of every vitamin available, vitamin D is the ubiquitous necessity and it is a widely acclaimed vitamin and considered important. The best part of this vitamin is that it can be obtained naturally via sun exposure and is very difficult to absorb from food alone.

It is widely known that all adults (including pregnant and breastfeeding women) and children over one year could derive good benefit from taking a daily supplement containing 10mcg of vitamin D, especially during the autumn and winter to prevent vitamin D deficiency. The people more than 65 years of age should take it as regularly as possible.

Iron – Recommended Food Supplements

This is an important one for young women who suffer from blood loss continuously and iron recoups the loss admirably. Vegetarians are also advised to take this vitamin as the lack of meat-eating may create iron deficiency in them.

The common symptoms of iron deficiency are anaemia, fatigue, shortness of breath and pale skin. Fatigue hampers human productivity and is harmful in the extreme degree. This deficiency is dangerous in the longer term as it can also weaken the immune system and expose people to diseases of all kinds.

Vitamin B12

This is crucial for those following a strict vegetarian diet, as B12 is predominantly found in animal products such as red meat. In Pakistan people generally concentrate on eating chicken products as the red meat is supposed to be contaminated therefore this supplement proves an essential dietary requirement.

In Pakistan, the vegetarian diet is gradually gaining currency and now there are exclusive eating places that offer vegetarian food. Vitamin B12 is important for a healthy nervous and immune system and is needed to make red blood cells, an activity human body starts losing as the age advances. Re-production of red blood cells is considered the lifeline of healthy living and this vitamin caters to this need.

Calcium – Recommended Food Supplements

Human body is ultimately dependent upon the bone-structure it is composed of. The structure needs strengthening to prolong life and to sustain it well. While calcium is rich in natural sources such as dairy and leafy vegetables, consuming additional levels via a supplement might be advisable for those who have bone mineral density concerns, as calcium is crucial in maintaining good bone health.

Low levels of calcium in the blood, known as hypocalcaemia, can manifest itself in symptoms such as muscle spasms, cramps and, in severe cases, seizures. These symptoms are dangerous enough to be taken seriously and the regular use of this vital supplement will ensure that they are contained and avoided.

Vitamins A & C

Human body requires continuous supply of Vitamins A and C and both of them constitute an important facet of human life. They are required for normal growth and sustenance throughout the life. They are the natural ingredients human life depends upon for its survival. Vitamin A is found in foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes.

It is very advisable to use these food items as much as possible. Vitamin C is widely available in citrus fruits and also in red peppers. It is however easy to take these ingredients in the shape of supplements and they are widely available.

In this connection it is highly recommended that the regular intake of these vitamins is adhered to without fail. The need for such vitamin intake is essential as Vitamins A, C and D provide safety against various illnesses and many physical discomforts.

These vitamins help prevent deficiencies in human body and provide it with necessary wherewithal for sustaining the healthy lifestyle. These supplements are tried and tested method of recouping the lack of essential nutrients required for normal life. It is highly recommended that these supplements are regularly taken. The Weekender


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