Divorce Rate In Pakistan Increased



September 18, 2022

divorce rate in Pakistan

The divorce rate in Pakistan – The instances of women seeking khula is increasing by the day as in case of asking for divorce formal consent of the husband is required whereas in khula it is not mandated. More women are aware that they can leave marriages for reasons other than physical abuse, including psychological abuse or simply not getting anything out of a marriage.

Consequently, more family courts are being established catering to family law, khula, and guardianship issues including an increase in the number of family law judges because the divorce rate in Pakistan increases. This trend indicates that women know about their rights and are more independent and unwilling to bear the burdens of a bitter married life and wish to get out.

This situation underlines the need and desire of women to seek emotional independence who no longer wish to live in a state of oppression. It is also pointed out that more women have become independent and a rising number are engaged in productive pursuits to ensure their financial independence. This development also shows that the social milieu is giving way to women in their pursuit of professional independence which augurs well for the country. The Weekender


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