March 12, 2022

Enchanting Pakistan

Pakistan is the land of high mountains and stunning valleys. It is blessed with exceptional mountain range very well known in the world. The mountains of the land are a source of water to the country and provide a befitting backdrop to the land. The awesome mountain range of Pakistan attracts tourists and mountain-climbers from the world over. Renowned more for its magnificence than elevation (7,788 meters) Rakaposhi, located in Gilgit-Baltistan, dominates the skyline for vast stretches of the Karakoram highway, first seen North of Aliabad yet still visible as far south as Gilgit. The peak is located in the Rakaposhi-Haramosh range forming south-western corner of the Karakoram. The mountain is extremely broad, measuring almost 20km from East to West. It is the only peak on Earth that drops directly, exceptionally uninterrupted, for almost 6,000m from the summit to the base. The peak also holds significant value as it is considered the stem of Eurasian land mass with Nanga Parbat representing the stem of Indian land mass.
It is situated in the middle of Nagar Valley, Danvore and Bagrote Valleys and is ranked as the 27th highest mountain in the world. The meaning of Rakaposhi is Snow Covered as it is always covered in glistening snow. Rakaposhi is well known for its exceptional rise over local terrain. On its northern side it rises 5,900 metres (19,357 ft) in only an 11.2 km (7 mi) horizontal distance from the Hunza-Nagar River. Ghulmat is the closest view point of the mountain. Rakaposhi is the only mountain in the world which rises straight from beautifully cultivated fields to the height of 25,550 feet. From many places this wonderful spectacle can be viewed right from the base to the top. Rakaposhi and its range is the abode of endangered species including Marco Polo sheep, Snow Leopard, Brown Bear and Wolves. Its flora and fauna are considered of exceptional medicinal value. TW


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