Quirky Phobias



May 20, 2023

Quirky Phobias

Izay Ayesha describes some quirky mental conditions

Quirky Phobias – Human mind is susceptible to myriad perceptions that enter it from nowhere and create situations that are both amenable and fearful. Phobia represents the negative aspect of human perception that is as varied as human thought process itself. Phobias are plenty but there are some that appear unusual and funny at the outset but they do exist. Some of them are given below.

Xanthophobia – Fear of the colour yellow
This again is an unusual phobia that scares its sufferers who have a deathly fear of the colour yellow and in some cases some of them get jittery if the word is uttered in front of them.

Siderophobia – Fear of stars
Human beings like gazing at stars but the people afflicted with this condition invariably keep their curtains drawn and are hit by panic if they see a star.

Globophobia – Fear of balloons
Globophobics are scared of balloons, or more specifically the sound they make when they pop. It appears strange but the sound of bursting balloons often scare people but not to the extent that the sufferers of this condition experience.

Alliumphobia – Fear of garlic
Garlic is universally admired and widely used but some are scared of it. They are afraid of the pungent smell of garlic and refuse to enter the place that smells of garlic.

Pogonophobia – Fear of beards
Keeping stubble or small beards is fashion these days but for Pogonophobics it is very bad news. They do not just dislike bristles but are actively scared of them.

Aurophobia – The fear of finding gold
Some people are even scared of the good things in life like finding a stack of gold with their name on it. They actually fear such possibility and often express it openly.

Ergophobia – Fear of work
One tends to avoid work at times but people suffering from this condition fear work horribly. It is a strange feeling to be fearful of work that is the distinct feature of human race. The Weekender


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