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ByAbdul Basit

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October 22, 2022


Abdul Basit talks about a consistent spate of electoral victories achieved by PTI

Despite facing stiff opposition Imran Khan’s PTI Win contest after contest in by-polls belying all predictions by political pundits. In the recent by-polls the ruling multi-party coalition, including the PML-N and the PPP, fielded joint candidates on all seats whereas PTI Chairman Imran Khan was his party’s sole candidate on seven of the eight National Assembly seats.

It was unprecedented in the country’s political history that one candidate, PTI Win Chairman Imran Khan, is running for as many as seven NA seats out of eight up for grabs. It was considered a masterstroke on part of the PTI to field Imran Khan as the single candidate with the maximum number of seats to cash on his current huge popularity and this calculation massively succeeded. Though the net result of this success would be negligible as Imran Khan would be obliged to vacate all but one seat the propaganda point of this effort has been well driven home.

Initially, it appeared that the by-polls may not be held as the massive floods in the country apparently made them difficult and many government ministers issued statements to that effect. There was no political effort witnessed by the coalition parties regarding the by-elections and even their electoral asset Maryam Nawaz quietly left for London to join her father. Then in a sudden turnaround, it was announced that the by-polls would be held and even then there was hardly any political activity seen associated with them. This was considered quite an intriguing situation and many implications were seen in it but none were publicly voiced as it was assumed that the results would speak for themselves.

Supervision Of Election Commission of Pakistan

For the by-elections, a total of 101 candidates from different political parties and independents are taking part in the vote: 52 in Punjab, 33 in Sindh, and 16 in KP. Around 4.472 million voters are registered in these constituencies. The Election Commission of Pakistan supervised the elections and passed strict instructions to provincial election commissioners to ensure the immediate arrest of anyone that tries to influence them.

The polling process also instructed that if any government official was found involved in election rigging, not only should that person be arrested immediately and legal procedures be followed but that matter should be referred to the ECP for disciplinary action.

After the polling results were announced the PTI Win managed to secure six out of eight NA seats losing two seats to the PPP — NA-157 Multan and NA-237 Karachi — which it had won in the 2018 general elections. Meanwhile, the party also won two out of three Punjab Assembly seats up for grabs, with the PML-N reclaiming its own seat in Sheikhupura. Observers pointed out that this election once again showed that the PMLN’s voter base had taken a hit as it repeated its performance in the 17 July Punjab by-election.

The constituencies where the PTI won were NA-22 Mardan, NA-31 Peshawar, NA-24 Charsadda, NA-108 Faisalabad-VIII, NA-118 Nankana Sahib, NA-239-Korangi PP-209 Khanewal and PP-241 Bahawal¬nagar. Despite claiming a lion’s share of the seats, the party also lost two of the NA seats – NA-157 Multan-IV and NA-237 Malir-II – that it had won in 2018. Its defeat on both seats came at the hands of PPP. The PML-N got just one of the dozen seats up for grabs, winning PP-139 Sheikhupura-V, which was its own seat.

PTI Win Allegations Of Fraudulent Elections

It was widely commented that the PMLN had faced the most damage to its political capital as it is eviscerating its political capital in a few short months. PTI rightfully considers this success as a resounding victory of its narrative and takes it as a people’s referendum against the ruling coalition and its legitimacy and policy, particularly against its backers whom it severely condemns.

PTI Secretary General Asad Umar said that the direction of the election results was another chance for the decision-makers to realize their mistake and take Pakistan towards a new election adding that it would be better if the decision-makers pay attention to the nation’s will, following which there would be no need for a long march.

After braving broadsides from the PTI leadership throughout the day, the ECP stated that the PTI allegations of fraudulent elections are baseless and rejected them. The polls registered minor incidents of violence but their incidence was quite low and was quickly contained. In Sindh presence of Rangers was visible though the heavy presence of the Police was also noticeable though the turnout remained hopelessly low.

The voter turnout was heaviest in Multan where the PPP candidate succeeded in getting his voters out in large numbers and outvoting the daughter of PTI leader Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s daughter by 20,000 votes. Voter turnout was also substantial in KP but ANP’s star candidate Aimal Wali Khan failed to beat Imran Khan.   The Weekender


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