Process of dreaming

ByShahmir Kazi

works in the private sector with interest in socio-political affairs


August 3, 2022

Shahmir Kazi talks about an interesting aspect of human existence

It is an acknowledged fact that human beings spend approximately 30% of their lives sleeping and though the body needs to rest, the brain remains active and is led by their imagination. The mystery is however very deep as is there something else that people perceive while sleeping and what does science opine about it. Most important is that how dreaming is viewed in popular belief system. There are those who believe that dreams contain predictions of something that is about to happen. From the earliest dawn of human civilization, sleep has been attributed tremendous symbolic value. Dreams were believed to be a fundamental way of predicting the future and also to clarify certain aspects of reality. Humans sought in dreams the answers to what they could not explain in life. For centuries it has been considered a magical territory.

The scientific research has now made it possible to understand sleep in a very different way than from earlier times but dreams still have a mystical character. There is something inexplicable, poetic even, of a dream’s ability to transport us to fantasy worlds. There is no dearth of people that claim that they have dreamed of something that came true. It is curious how, even today, this ancestral belief persists. The fact is that by reverberating memories of the past, the dream reflects the dreamer’s expectations about the future. This also implies that the ability to predict the future is, in part, real. The human brain’s capacity for memory, manages, through dreams, to project a possible future.

It is also mentioned that dreaming is a kind of training for upcoming events. For example, when people dream that someone has had a terrible accident, it means, among other things, that they are preparing for a similar situation. Sleep is a safe exercise particularly where people learn to deal with the most terrible things. The problem remains however that if the accident people dreamt about actually happened then how would people react. Researches show that it would not be that surprising as human brain always builds each dream from real experiences and sometimes even imagines the probable and anticipates. Through dreams people know how to make hypotheses about the future that, sometimes, come true.

It is often declared that dreams are wish maps as people in dreams also try to satisfy small or big desires that perhaps cannot be fulfilled in real life. This means that dreams represent a repressed desire and that dreaming is a way of accessing the unconscious. When people sleep their social and mental filters are more relaxed, allowing the free expression of the unconscious through memory tools and it is therefore described that all the material that makes up the dream is formed from experience. Usually, bad dreams generate a strong feeling of fear, with unpleasant events, from which people would like to escape. The most potent example of such justification is that people hardly forget their childhood nightmares.

Unlike the nightmare, the good dreams fully satisfy the dreamer. Many people dream of the experience of flying, for example, describing it as an extremely joyful feeling.This usually happens when people really want to achieve something but fail to do so, Often, at a certain stage of life, the dream is repeated for a period of time. When this occurs, it is worth trying to interpret it but only the dreamer has the key to unlock the meaning of the dream. Describing dreams immediately after waking up is a simple practice that greatly enriches dream life and may have all kinds of feelings compelling people to remember their dreams.

Just after waking up is the moment that a dream is fresh in the memory and sometimes after 5 minutes people are no longer able to describe it.Therefore, it is a good idea to keep a notebook and pen by the bed as it may seem difficult at first but it is about writing down the first thing that comes to mind: a feeling, a colour, a place. It must be kept in view that whether the dream is good or bad, it is worth writing about, as it is a useful reflection of people’s inner life. As for predicting the future, the method to carry out such a task with scientific precision has not yet been invented and it may be quite a futile exercise to perform. TW


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