Pretty, Pretty

ByIzay Ayesha



July 24, 2022

Pretty Pretty

Izay Ayesha looks at some wonderfully Pretty Pretty attractive species

Human eye has a natural instinct for spotting beauty and has the temperament for duly appreciating it. The human environment is full of beautiful things that usually are considered fascinating spectacles to behold. The human spirit, Pretty Pretty roams around to find anything alluring and with the advent of modern technology the human race has been able to record such appealing objects. Most beauty of life is found in the simplicity and innocence of the human children and the animal world. The exceptional beauty is needed to be looked at and appreciated.

Elephants at play
Baby elephants never look as happy as they do when playing in the water. This is an exceptionally attractive a spectacle.

Hanging around
These two scaled new heights, as something mice are quite good at, to enjoy a little snuggle.

Feed me!
There’s only one thing these two chicks care about: food, and the way they are shown doing it is priceless.

Rolling water
Nothing is more soothing than the sounds and sights of a secluded waterfall and it is extremely fascinating.

Sweet slumber
This image is very beautiful indeed Safe. It is unbelievable as this baby looks like it is having the best of sleeps.

Fresh start
A sure sign that spring has sprung is the annual blossom bloom. This is something that is understandably beautiful.

Go fetch
Oversized stick, meet undersized dog: canines sure do have love branches.

Lovely lavender
One can almost smell the lavender that lines the shoreline of Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

Thinking about squishing this face is a guaranteed distraction from the day’s news.

Keen kitten
Cats are renowned for their curiosity and here this cat is displaying this uncanny trait.

Rolling waves
It is scientifically known that the sound of water can calm and relax, and there is nothing more perfect than this wave captured at sunset. TW


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