Pleasing to the eye

ByIzay Ayesha



August 2, 2023

Pleasing to the Eye

Izay Ayesha describes some extraordinarily
mesmerising sights

Pleasing to the Eye – Rome is a repository of history and is renowned for its exquisite remnants of its phenomenal past and instills awe in visitors reminding them of its past grandeur. The city is full of fantastic relics of the past that speak volumes about its aesthetic past and glory. These remarkable places are widely recognised as landmarks and some suggest that they may be counted as wonders of the world. The most important aspect of these phenomena is that they are extremely pleasing to the eye and are widely acclaimed the world over. These wonderful landmarks are visited by thousands of tourists who come from far-off places to pay homage to these works of art and high level of creativity.

Piazza Navona, a public open space occupies the site of the Stadium of Domitian. It was a competitive arena where sporting events and other festivals took place during ancient Roman times. Travelers can see the amazing Roman architecture of the stadium ruins, fountains and buildings around or just dine in multi-cuisine restaurants, Piazza Navona is a delight to watch all through.

Piazza Del Popolo
Rome used to be the seat of a great empire that basically formed the basis of Western civilisation. Back then, its subjects in continental Europe entered the city mainly through this northern portal. Now, visitors still flock to this place to admire not only its historical significance but also the magnificent buildings that adorn it. Among the many structures you can find include an Egyptian obelisk, which the Roman Empire took as a souvenir from its North African colony back in 10 B.C. More recently, two almost identical-looking churches were constructed. White statues that evoke a glorious era gone by also surround the place, as if to act as sentinels to guard the Eternal City.

A must see for tourist specially, its restrained decoration definitely enhances the effect of its architecture. When visiting it various times of the day, the lights details The Pantheon’s timeless and unique beauty. It is one of the sites that one never tires of seeing.

St. Peter’s Square
St. Peter’s Square is considered to be one of the most stunning squares in the world and is greatly admired for its finesse. St. Peter’s Square is famous as it is where the St. Peter’s Basilica stands. It is named after St. Peter who is considered to be the first pope. It is one of the world’s most famous squares and is surrounded by buildings with beautiful and stunning architectures that visitors would surely love to see.

Trevi Fountain
It is the most famous and largest fountain that boasts an intricate design that became a forerunner to later such places. One would surely marvel at the beauty of the Trevi Fountain were if features a captivating design made of various marble statues. It is very famous and a historical landmark as it was made by Pietro da Cortona. It is considered to be the largest Baroque fountain in the city and anyone who views it would surely marvel at it and appreciate the Baroque design it features.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Santa Maria Maggiore is considered by many scholars as being Rome’s second most beautiful church and is the first church to be built in honour of the Virgin Mary. The building of the church is magnificent and belongs to classic Roman architecture. It is the largest church dedicated to Virgin Mary in Rome and is a papal major basilica. The Weekender


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