Plants and their beauty



September 8, 2022

Plants and their beauty

Col Hasan looks at brightening gardens with flowers

Plants and their beauty in living areas. Bright flowers blooming in the garden takes one’s heart away and attracts his soul. The season is on and it would be the right time to plant these flowers and take care of them so that they blossom into a treat for eyes and serenity of minds. These outdoor plants can be easily planted in order and they give any garden a new look.

Canna lily
These perennial plants bear large flowers in different hues of red, yellow and orange. Canna lilies are suitable for a home garden as they are easy to grow and maintain, and add colour by breaking the monotony of green. Like most other plants, Canna lilies flourish in well-drained soil which is rich in organic matter.

Give your garden a colourful makeover by growing snapdragon flowers that bloom in saturated colours of nearly every hue. These bloom with great abandon during springtime, with sunlight ranging from full sun to partial shade. The flowers resemble an open mouth when you press it from the sides.

Caladiums are a must-have in home gardens due to their large, heart-shaped leaves that display striking colour combinations of pink, red, green and white. These thrive well in partial shade and their size depends on the variety. Go for moist, well-drained soil while planting this foliage plant, and with proper care you can ensure it lasts for several years.

This plant generally grows in damp, grassy places. The flowers have small petals, bloom from July to September, and are found in different colours such as white, red, brown and orange. Plant the white-coloured variety along the edges of your garden for a stunning white border.

It is a good pick for a home garden as the annual plant can be used for years. The plants produce flowers in nearly every colour. It is known to bloom in fall as well as in summer. The plant is low maintenance and the beauty of these flowers attracts birds. It enjoys the sun and thrives when grown in fertile soil.

These showy flowers bloom and thrive well when planted in partial shade and watered carefully. It is also the kind of plant to go for if you’re looking for something that fills up the space in your garden and can be grown easily. Though these can grow year-round, they are unable to tolerate frost. TW

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