Numbers game heating up



February 26, 2022


The consistent run-around of the opposition political groups in the country has started giving the impression that something substantial is afoot and their no-confidence plans may ultimately succeed. Accordingly, the numbers game is hyped-up with a view to increase pressure on the forces that matter. Whether it will bear fruit is another matter but then this is how the game is played. On the other hand it may be a smokescreen designed to cover-up actions that are taking place somewhere else and surreptitiously. The coming-and-going appears to have unnerved the ruling dispensation that has instructed its minions to hastily reach out to the wobbly members of their alliance. They have also started to campaign for unfair practices adopted by their opponents of buying votes and are now pointing it out in the media. If, in case, the opposition succeeds in getting the no-confidence motion carried through then the PTI will have itself to blame for the disaster as it has frittered all the goodwill it once possessed. All through its tenure it has thrown its closest associates under the bus without realising the consequences and this egotistic approach has now come home to roost.TW


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