Not what they look

ByKausar Fatima

Works in an international audit firm and writes for magazines


March 5, 2023

Kausar Fatima has some interesting twists

There are some images that are very beguiling conveying a completely different impression. Such images receive wide acceptance and are accordingly appreciated. Taking photos of some perplexing scenes is not an easy exercise and it should be appreciated that such novel scenes are recorded. It is undoubtedly an alluring exercise full of plenty of fun. The following images are very interesting to look at simply because they are actually not what they look like.
It looks like the baby’s legs grew extremely fast, but…
… it was just their mom who didn’t want to be in the photo. Well, now they are famous!
It’s Benjamin Button, the baby born as an old man!
Actually, they are two separate faces with the same skin color.
Where are her legs?
She has them hanging over the wall, like Humpty Dumpty.
This dog looks very comfortable in the train, but…
It’s actually his owner who is sitting in the chair.
Did we finally find a unicorn?
Nope, it’s the path colliding with the meticulous hairdo. TW


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