Not what they look.. 2

ByIzay Ayesha



February 5, 2023

Not what they look

Izay Ayesha some interesting twists

There are some images that are very beguiling conveying a completely different impression. Such images receive wide acceptance and are accordingly appreciated. Taking photos of some perplexing scenes is not an easy exercise and it should be appreciated that such novel scenes are recorded. It is undoubtedly an alluring exercise full of plenty of fun. The following images are very interesting to look at simply because they are actually not what they look like.
It seems to be an arm ending in a foot, but…
To be sure it is an optical illusion
Dad’s arm seems to be XXS
But looking carefully it is really the arm of the baby.
Had a tough night?
This photo circulated on social media a while back. Below the picture there is probably a wide awake, energetic person.
It looks like Lassie needs a haircut
However, she was actually in the perfect position to have a radical makeover for a moment.
It looks like he has two ponytails…
Actually this hero’s father is just standing in front of two women
She seems to have a hipster bun…
But in actual fact it is just a guy passing by. TW

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