Murder mystery



October 29, 2022

Murder Mystery

A prominent journalist was murdered in mysterious circumstances in Nairobi in Kenya and fingers are pointed in almost every direction. Keeping in view the past history it is quite certain that nothing would emerge out of the probe initiated by the government but one thing is certain such murders reduce the space of arbitrary forces operating in the country. The murder mystery of Arshad Sharif appears to be a well-designed operation and the logistics involved in it required long arms that hint at the involvement of some very influential and powerful actors.

To them the stakes appear to be high though to a rational mind they do not appeal as very credible but is quite clear that the current scenario is dominated by extraordinarily muddled minds who are acting in a state of frenzy unmindful of the ultimate results of their actions.

Arshad Sharif was a small cog in the machine that is always available to the powerful machine that however forgets that cogs are not in infinite supply as they are humans and surrounded by humans who recover consciousness of murder mystery though sometimes late in the day they ultimately do. In the evolutionary journey of human existence, this is the cruelest lesson that human beings have always ignored. The Weekender


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