Movies like Ex Machina



June 7, 2022

Movies like Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a solid science fiction fantasy movie. It was released in 2014. This movie was of thriller fictional genre. It was directed by Alex Garland. Ex Machina was produced by Andrew Macdonald and Allon Reich, the two producers. DNA films and film4 were the main production house for this masterpiece. Its total budget was $15 million. Its box office rule was around $39.6 million worldwide. It was acclaimed by the people due to its concept, summary, plot, and execution.

Due to its uniqueness, editing, and concept, it was remembered as a masterpiece. The storyline shows how we can use artificial intelligence. And how the use of AI will make us suffer. The storyline is based on the concept of testing the machines to know if they can think like humans.

The Plot of Ex Machina

Programmer Caleb Smith, who works for leading search engine company Blue Book, wins an office competition to grant him a week-long visit to CEO Nathan Bateman’s lavish and secluded home. Nathan lives in a modern house next to a waterfall and on top of hills, and is alone apart from a maid named Kyoko, who Nathan says doesn’t speak English. After Caleb arrives, Nathan reveals to him that he built an artificial intelligence gynoid named Ava. After Nathan asks Caleb if he is familiar with the Turing test, Nathan tells Caleb that he would like him to assess whether Ava is actually capable of thought and consciousness, despite knowing that she is artificial. Also, the test is passed when Caleb forgets during her daily sessions that Ava is not human.

Ava features robotic features however a human-looking face, hands, and feet. She is confined to her isolated cell. Caleb is fascinated with Ava, but once attempting to debate Ava’s technological style with Nathan, Nathan asks that Caleb solely tell him however he “feels” concerning her. Throughout their talks, Caleb begins to feel interested in Ava. She looks to reciprocate these feelings, and conjointly expresses a need to expertise the surface world. Ava tells him she will trigger power outages that briefly finish off the closed-circuit television that Nathan uses to watch their interactions, permitting them to talk privately. The power outages conjointly trigger the building’s security system to lock all the doors. During one outage, Ava tells Caleb that Nathan could be a beguiler who can not be trusted.

Caleb becomes more and more cautious of Nathan’ drinking, narcissism, and lewd behavior towards Kyoko and Ava. He learns that Nathan intends to upgrade Ava, deleting her memory, together with interactions with Caleb, thereby “killing” her current temperament within the process. While encouraging Nathan to drink till he has passed out, Caleb steals his security card to realize access to his area and computer. During the sterilization of a number of Nathan’s codes, Caleb discovers heavy footage of Nathan interacting with previous mechanical man models and learns that Kyoko is additionally an android. That result in turning paranoid that he himself is also an android, Caleb goes back to his room and cuts his arm open together with his razor to look at his flesh, therefore confirming that he’s human.

At other meetings, Caleb explains Nathan’s plan. They type a plan and executed it
Caleb’s plan is jeopardized when Nathan declines to share a drink with him. Nathan reveals to Caleb that he discovered Caleb and Ava’s last secret spoken communication with a powered camera, yet as cutting himself. He says Ava has solely fictitious to love him. Thus, he can facilitate her escape. This, he says, was important to take a look at all along, and by manipulating Caleb so successfully, Ava has incontestable true intelligence. Ava then takings to chop the power. Caleb reveals that he suspected Nathan was observing them and changed the protection system the previous day once Nathan was passed out, disabling the bolted door on Ava’s cell. After seeing Ava leave her confinement on the police work camera, Nathan knocks Caleb unconscious and rushes to prevent her.

With facilitate from Kyoko, Ava stabs Nathan, however within the method he disables Kyoko’s associate degree damages, Ava. As Nathan bleeds out, Ava enters his non-public area and repairs herself. She then completed the article of clothing and items of covering from Nathan’s earlier gynoid models to hide her mechanical appearance, showing a sort of a human female. As she leaves the power, she locks Caleb within Nathan in the police investigation room and leaves him behind. Ava escapes the facility and is picked up by the chopper meant to require Caleb home. Well, in an unknown city, she blends into a crowd.

Summary: A brief view

Or, greater simply, while you purpose to make a human-degree AI, God assist you, be rattling cautious what you want for.

With a sprint of the Greek warning, “Whom the gods might destroy, they first make proud.”


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