Mouth-watering sandwiches

ByIzay Ayesha



June 11, 2022

Izay Ayesha looks at very delicious casual food

Sandwiches are convenient to make and eat and this is precisely the reason for their immense popularity. As they are popular, they are equally varied in content and taste. Sandwich is a global eatable and is prepared according to local custom but the principle remains the same making sandwich a unique combination of delicacies. Some of them however are rather simple but some are very elaborately prepared and presented. Their fillings also vary from place to place and some contain exotic items of food. Mouth-watering Sandwiches is also rated as a street food and is in great demand.
Pan bagnat, France

This typical dish from Nice is the sandwich version of the famous salad niçoise. Tuna, anchovies, black olives, and hard-boiled eggs are piled into a round bun. Drizzle with olive oil, add some greens and there you go.

Arepa, Colombia
This sandwich is all about the bread. Arepa, a typical Colombian delicacy with roots in indigenous cooking, is a small cornbread. The most popular recipe is arepa de queso (with cheese) but there are many other variations, including arepa de huevo (with eggs) or rellenas (with meat).

Lobster roll, Canada
This Maritime sandwich, also known as lobster guedille, features generous chunks of lobster on a bed of greens in a classic hot dog bun.

Grilled cheese, USA
Three simple ingredients are all it takes to make this typical American sandwich: sliced white bread, Kraft Singles, and butter and that’s it. Of course, the grilled cheese sandwich comes in many variations but the original version remains a timeless classic.

Smoked meat, Montreal, Canada
Place a gigantic portion of juicy smoked meat between two slices of rye bread, top with mustard, serve with gherkins and what comes out is the classic Montreal smoked meat sandwich. The Americans have their own version, the Reuben, made with sauerkraut, melted cheese and a creamy sauce.

Cucumber sandwich, England
Very popular with the British world over friends during a traditional afternoon tea, this small, fresh is simply thin slices of cucumber on white bread with crusts removed and spread with cream cheese.

Club sandwich, USA
Americans love this triple-decker sandwich featuring roast chicken lettuce, tomatoes and a generous layer of mayonnaise. It is usually served with a plate of French fries. TW

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