Most Wickets in PSL 2022



May 29, 2022

most wickets in psl 2022

Pakistan super league 2022, the seventh season of PSL, T20 cricket league of Pakistan.

The seventh season starts on 27 Jan 2022 and lasts till 28 Feb 2022. Six teams played in the PSL 7. The matches were played at Lahore and Karachi stadiums. Lahore Qalandars won the final of the Pakistan super league cup against Multan Sultans.

Psl7 is the Ttwenty20 series. 34 matches were played between 6 teams. In the final, Lahore Qalandars were the champions of PSL 7. Multan Sultans were runner-ups.

PSL7 is known as the Pakistan Super League 7. PSL7 2022, was held from Jan 27, 2022, to 27 Feb 2022. All these super league matches were played in the cities of  Lahore and Karachi. PSL is also known for its popularity on an international scale. As a result, international cricket players have also participated in this series.

Psl 7 of this year, was very special as the Lahore Qalandars have won the title of the kings after 7 years. Also, Shaheen Shah Afridi was the captain of LQ this year.

 A list of good performances:

  • Muhammad Rizwan of Multan Sultans was the Player of the series securing 546 runs.
  • Shaheen Shah Afridi secures the title of the player getting the high number of wickets. The player of Lahore Qalandars secures the title of most tickets ( 20 ).
  • Fakhar Zaman got the title of the most runs, 588 runs were in the bag of the player of Lahore Qalandars.

Muhammad Rizwan was the captain of the Multan Sultan.  Multan Sultans have lost only a single game throughout the 10 series of this league. As they have lost for the first time ever but that was remarkable as well.

Final of PSL 7 2022: A clash between LQ& MS:

  • On the 27th of Feb, Lahore Qalandars won the toss and starts with the decision of bating.
  • Within 20 overs, made a score of 180/5. Muhammad Hafeez got a high score of 69 at 46 balls.
  • Harry Brook and David Weise were in the bating series against LQs.
  • When Multan Sultans started their bating session, they couldn’t hold their nerves and secured a score of 138/10. That was in 19.3 overs. Due to the loss of complete wickets, they were short of the target.
  • Khushdil shah was their highest scorer of 32 on 23 balls.
  • As a result, Lahore Qalandars won against Multan Sultans by 42 runs.

Lahore Qalandars was named as the best team during this series. As their encounter against the Sultans proved their dominance. After 7 years of wait, they finally lift the trophy after beating the best team of the series for all these times.

Titles of the Tournament (PSL7):

  • Rizwan Ahmad won the title of “the player of the tournament” of MS.
  • “Player of the match” has secured by Muhammad Hafeez of LQ.
  • Shaheen Shah Afridi won the title of ” the player getting the high number of wickets”.
  • Fakhar Zaman secures the trophy of “the Batter of the tournament “
  • “The bowler of the tournament award” goes to Shadab Khan.
  • “All_rounder of the match” was claimed by Khushdil shah.
  • “Spirit of the cricket award for the season” was won by Multan Sultans.
  • Muhammad Hafeez was the “Player of the Match”.

Lahore Qalandars:

Shaheen Shah was the captain of Lahore Qalandars in the PSL7 series of 2022. His team had recreated a remarkable history with a huge and sensational win. His team has worked hard and also secured various titles in the tournament. He also won the title of the player getting a high number of wickets.

Indeed, he played 13 matches, in which he got 20 wickets. That made him the winner of the innings by getting a high wicket number.

Multan Sultans:

Muhammad Rizwan is the captain of Multan Sultans in the series of PSL 7 2022. Though they have lost the final game of the series they are still the undefeatable team of the whole series.

Muhammad Rizwan also won the title securing the most runs throughout the tournament.

PSL 7 (Pakistan Super League 7):

Indeed, Pakistan super league is a series of T20 matches between the teams of Pakistan. In these teams all of the te of Pakistan whereas international players also take part. It was started in 2016. Every year during February and March, the series started. However, PSL has all 6 teams presenting to 6 cities in Pakistan. These cities are  Karachi, Quetta, Lahore, Multan, Pesha Peshawar, and Islamabad.

In the PSL7 all of the six teams fought against each other. In the end, MS and LQ were the finalists of the Pakistan super league series. However, after a brutal ut very match, a  tremendous victory was titled with the name of Lahore Qalandars. They won the title of the latest edition of the series ” the champions”.

All 6 teams have great players in them. But there’s sometimes luck that into the pages of someone. Surprisingly, most wickets in PSL 2022 were by SS Afridi, the most runs in PSL 2022 by Fakhar Zaman, and player of PSL 2022 secured by Muhammad Rizwan.


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