More down to earth romantic movies



May 20, 2023

More Down To Earth Romantic Movies

Nida Faraz looks at some highly realistic
romantic situations

More Down To Earth Romantic Movies – It is often noted that falling in love is an extremely alluring prospect but the journey involved in it could sometimes be very tricky. Movies often sell us on an idealised version of love. Romance also brings about challenges that are faced by the people involved but is often overlooked by the romantic euphoria. It is taking this fact in view some movie producers made movies cutting out all the fantasies of romance and presenting the situation with all its trimmings so as to bring to fore all realistic trials and tribulations of falling in love and maintaining relationships. Such efforts have been widely lauded and movies based on this perception have been universally acclaimed.

Brooklyn (2018)
In search of a better life, a young Irish woman moves to New York. When her sister passes away, she is forced to return home to her small village to take care of her mother and has to make a painful decision: to return to her new life in New York, or stay.

Revolutionary Road (2008)
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet appear on the screen together for the first time since Titanic and their performances were, as expected, outstanding. The drama watches the couple give up on all their dreams to settle for lives they swore that they would never lead.

La La Land (2016)
Two young dreamers, Mia and Sebastian, first encounter each other in a traffic jam in LA. They meet again at a party and the two begin to date but are eventually torn apart by the demands of their careers.

The Vow (2012)
Paige Collins (Rachel McAdams) and her husband Leo’s (Channing Tatum) marriage comes to a halt after Paige is involved in a very serious car accident. In being thrown through the windscreen of her car she suffers serious head injuries and loses all memory of her husband and their marriage.

Brief Encounter (1945)
A brief encounter between two strangers, who are both married, on a train spirals into an intense affair.

Titanic (1997)
Although the chances of your ship sinking nowadays are extremely unlikely, it does not get more real than falling in love and having to watch your lover drown, all within a few days.

Boys Don’t Cry (1999)
This film is based on a true story. Brandon Teena was a young trans-man who moved to Falls City to escape transphobia and met and eventually fell in love with Lana. After various attempts to hide the fact that he was a transgender man to Lana, she eventually found out but declared her love for Brandon regardless of his gender. Their beautiful love story sadly ended in Brandon’s brutal rape and murder by two friends.

500 Days of Summer (2009)
When Tom Hanson met Summer Finn, he was instantly swept away. Between his idealised version of romance and unrealistic expectations for their relationship, and her more casual approach, he was set for disappointment. The Weekender

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