More confusing images

ByIzay Ayesha



September 16, 2022

More confusing images

Izay Ayesha looks at some unusual More confusing images

There are certain More confusing images dumbfound human perception as what is seen in them is not what exists there. More confusing imagesand their presentation contain in them plenty of potentials to be misconceived and they become something different than they really are. It is the vast flexibility of the eye of the camera that it gives another look to images and looking at them will never convey the right impression.

This is an acutely beguiling image that surely makes one smile. It is an interesting angle that camera captured this image from which is extremely attractive.

Have you done something with your hair?
Another interesting image that may compel the looker to scratch his head, lot once, but many times and that too for a long time. That better be a compliment!

This is an angel
It is an amazing image causing intense bewilderment. It is not every day that such snapshots become part of any archive. The vivacity of the image is undoubtedly all-consuming and may be saved in human memory.

A really long arm
It is fantastic example of conjuring an image that may be open to many interpretations and could be intensely speculated upon

Harry Potter’s Wedding
The image is as deftly tricky as the exploits of Harry Potter; a story that has emerged from nowhere and usually cannot be predicted which way it is headed.

Great Balls of Fire
Classic image strongly underpinned by fire enhancing the effect of the occasion. It is quite a credible manifestation of the long-time technique that never fails to surprise.

My cat works out a lot
This image is just out of this world with an exceptional interpretation underpinning it. Whatever it be, it is something to make part of one’s diary. TW


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