Margalla Hills



May 7, 2022

Enchanting Pakistan

Pakistan is a land of unadulterated beauty and Margalla Hills may come quite close to the top of such natural spots located in the country. Islamabad itself is one of the most perfectly chosen and well-designed capital cities of the world and is full of exquisite spots that are pleasing to the eye. The crowning glory of model city Islamabad, Margalla Hills constitutes foothills of Himalayan mountain range situated at an average elevation of 1,000 meters with its highest peak, Tilla Charouni, perched up at a cool 1,604 meters. The impression conveyed by the sequential hills forming the backdrop to Islamabad is eye-catching and riveting. The breath-taking incline to Margalla Hills is equally scintillating as its roller-coaster descent. The hills hover above Islamabad and give it a majestic aura. An ancient natural locale, Margalla hills are reported to contain rock foundations that are 40 million years old and some archaeologists detected over one million years old two human footprints preserved in sandstone. Well preserved by local and international agencies, the Hills are a colourful repository of over 250 to 300 species of plants as well as varied wildlife full of wild boars, monkeys and the rare leopard. The endless greenery bequeathed by Margalla Hills to Islamabad covers the city from one end to the other. The residents of Islamabad are often seen trekking through many accessible trails that provide climbing facilities. Margalla hills run across a wide area and become part of the vast Himalayan Mountain range. The hills are covered by snow in winters and look serene and energising. The vast range of the hills is an ideal spot for bird-watchers particularly in winters when birds from Central Asia migrate here to avoid extreme cold in their habitats. Paragliding is a sport that is also quite popular across the hills.TW


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