Lovely Plants



August 29, 2022

Lovely Plants

Col Hassan (Retd) looks at brightening gardens with Lovely Plants

Lovely Plants enrich the beauty of living areas. Bright flowers blooming in the garden takes one’s heart away and attracts his soul. The season is on and it would be the right time to plant these flowers and take care of them so that they blossom into a treat for eyes and serenity of minds. These outdoor plants can be easily planted in order and they give any garden a new look.

These two-tone flowers can be planted in hanging baskets, especially on the patio, for that ornamental effect. Though fuchsia flowers are very delicate, they can be grown all year provided they are sheltered in a semi-sunny area. Remember not to over-water it, as too much water can lead to rotting of the roots, and provide sufficient drainage outlets in the pots.

Full sun and good drainage play a major role in its growth. As perennial plants, these continue to bloom throughout the growing season with timely deadheading. The tubular flowers of beardtongue are found in the hues of red, purple, white and pink, and are said to attract bees.

A popular garden plant, hydrangeas are easy to grow and are known to be resistant to most pests and diseases. They are quite appealing to the eye as they bloom in vibrant pink and blue colours. Easy to grow, this plant should be placed in an area where it enjoys adequate morning sun and some shade during the afternoons.

Zinnias are grown from seeds and can last from midsummer to early winter and they could be planted in a biodegradable container first and then transferred to a patch of soil in the garden. The mature flowers do not need much watering as they are somewhat tolerant to drought. Young zinnias, on the other hand, need just enough water to keep the soil moist.

They provide incredible colour to any garden. As the name suggests, sunflowers need sunlight to grow. These can be of any size varying from dwarf varieties to as tall as 12 feet (3.6 meters). The flowers bloom in different shades of yellow, red, burgundy and orange.

Hebe is a type of shrub that bears white, purple and pink flowers in mid-late summer. This is the most suitable for those who cannot give enough time to their garden, as it’s quite easy to maintain. Most suited for areas with mild winters and cool summers, Hebe can be grown in any kind of well-draining soil.

These perennial plants are easy to grow, as they can thrive in all climates. Peony flowers bloom in abundance and are found in a wide range of colours, including white, pink, red, yellow and orange. Make sure to plant these in sunny locations with well-drained soil.

The herb plant with gray-green foliage makes for beautiful hedges around any home garden. Lavender flowers bloom upright in hues of lavender, pink, purple and white. If grown under the right conditions with proper care, the herb can survive for several years. Unlike most other plants and herbs, lavender thrives best in well-drained soil under full sun. TW


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