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June 5, 2022

Block Buster Band

A song album by a rock band named “Losing Gravity by Blockbuster”. It was released in 2019 through Frontier Records. Block Buster is a hard rock band of Finnish.

It was formed by two brothers named Aarni and Jaakko Metsapelto. Both of the talented gems were still in Junior High School at that time. The talented musicians released their memorable debut that was popular at that time. It’s still remarkable in the 21st century and so on. These two young, full-of-energy boy bands became popular because of carrying rock’s roll.

Losing Gravity is not a regular song album. Its genre is very interesting as both brothers wrote their songs and took music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Thus, the album contains hard rock, heavy rock, melodies, tough and steady rock, solos, and more. The album contains 2 solos and then there were many songs by other artists.

Album tracklist:

The album consists of a total of 11 tracks. Two of them are solo while others have collaborated. Also, it was produced by Johnny Jonas.

1. Out in the City
2. Gone by the morning
3. Flammable
4. Back from the Shadows
5. Losing Gravity
6. Sweet Mary Jane
7. Somebody to Shock Me
8. Walking A Dog
9. Move
10. Wound you Do it Again
11. Bulletproof

• From the track list “Back from the Shadows” and “Out in the City” were the two solo tracks by Aarni and Elias respectively.
• The whole album was influenced by the music of 70s, 80s, and 90s hard rock’n roll.

The album “Losing Gravity” is still memorable and popular as it was in that era. The main specificity of this album was that it contains classic acts as well as the rock act. Both of them were submerged beautifully.

• “Out of the city” was a rock by Aarni Metsapelto. He beautifully blends hard rock with the classic one.
• “Gone by the Morning” was a high-energy rock. That was the same case with “Flammable”.
•  As a result of the high energy, “Back from the Shadows” shows rough and tough rock.
• Whereas the title of the album was the soul of this album “Losing Gravity”.
• The whole body spiced up the “Sweet Mary Jane.” It was the album version.
• The song “Somebody to Shock Me” is an expression of Jovi’s soul. That presented so beautifully.
• A retro feel was there in the “Walking A Dog”. So, it was catchy as well.
• It has been a while since Stereophonics’ soul was able to see “Would you do it again?”.
• Last but not least, “Bulletproof” presents Killjoy’s taste.  . It was the bonus track.

Uniqueness of Band

The band became famous because of their uniqueness. They simply didn’t copy any other artists but they got influenced by them. Also, Frontiers Music House released the young band in Italy.
The special theme of the album mixes up the past rock with the present. That results in the formation of a masterpiece. Also, they performed solos that will never be forgotten. The band mainly focuses on the guitar. Steady rock was there. This was leading to the rock and tough rock. Melodies were present. Melodic harmony was the important one though.

As the first verse, Aarni presented it. There was another solo. While another amazingly artistic soul like Bon Jovi, Poison, Love/Hate, and GnR & Motley was there.

In short, Blockbuster was the newest breed for Frontier Music House. Surprisingly, four young men carry the most energetic, classic, loud and rough, and sweet rock’n roll.

Line_ups for the Album:

1. Lead vocals and guitarist
(Aarni Metsapelto)
2. Vocals and Drums
(Jaakko Metsapelto)
3. Bass and Vocals
(Jonas Arppe)
4. Lead guitarist and Vocals
(Elias Salo)

There was something that cranks out about Blockbuster its uniqueness and energy. They follow the high-pitch guitars, high-frequency vocals, and hard-hitting bass. Also, they were not leading any other album or artist they simply got influenced by the Motorheads. The band also uses and spices up the Bon Jovi and Extreme as well. The rough side of Rolling Stones was also spiced up.

They spice up the Airbourne and The Darkness for the new generation. This album was diverse in its own genre.

However, the whole summary of the discussion is that a Finnish band named “Blockbuster” recreated the whole genre of music with their hit. They got influenced, mix up, and also spice the music of the past. This past music contains the high hits and popular tracks of their times. Different bands and artistic soul was there. We can easily feel them and at the same time can differentiate between them.

Summarizing in a pack, 4 men put their high energy, their soul, and their teenage events wrote them and boom there was a masterpiece. They carry rock’n roll to new levels. That became their identity, and they got more popular due to this masterpiece. Also, the whole era of the high rock, classic, melodies, harmonies, rough rock, high rock, and slow versions has packed into a whole album.

However, the first half of the album was fully energetic that mirrored the minds and tastes of the new generation. While the other half consists of slow, harmonious music and melodic tracks for all types of generations.

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