Leaks again



May 3, 2023

Leaks Again

Dr, Tahseen Mahmood Aslam talks about embarrassing

Leaks Again- Despite quite a high pressure built in the country about the degrading leaking of audio leaks in the country they have failed to stop. In line with the previous leakages, the purpose of such leaks is to debase individuals supposedly holding some kind of influence or belonging to families of prominent individuals who are serving top governmental positions. Though the consistently vicious nature of such leaks has equally raised calls against them demands are increasing about investigating the matter with the aim to find out the source that is bent upon causing disruption within the governance of the country.

Interestingly the leaks have so far not been able to seriously damage the personages who have become their targets with no resignation, dismissal or suspension having taken place. Even the associates of important people have not been seriously harmed by such disclosure clearly conveying the impression that this practice is designed to continue spreading sensation and portray important individuals as morally bankrupt willing to go to any length to protect and promote their interests.

The issue may also be noticed from the angle that this process reveals that how deep the problem is within the societal make-up of the country. This tendency to manipulate matters to any degree is symptomatic of a mental makeup bordering on insane intention to self-destruct. What it reflects is the willingness to commit any despicable act in order to achieve their purpose. This also portrays the unfortunate intention to ignore even the ongoing economic crisis that may prove to be an existential crisis. The continuation of such antics is now considered the new normal indicating that the segments that wield power in Pakistan are prepared to go to any length irrespective of the consequences of what they are engaged in it and this prospect is harmful for the country.

The latest spate of new leaks have broken new ground as one of them features a conversation between two women, one the mother-in-law of a serving Supreme Court judge, and the other the wife of a politician. Both women are private citizens and are purportedly discussing matters related to the political situation in the country and in the process are heard praising the chief justice for standing his ground and also wondering out loud why martial law has not been imposed in the country. As is the wont now such leakages are widely commented upon the social media and this particular conversation made some commentators to insinuate wrongdoing on part of the judiciary. The commenting and conjecturing is so misplaced that it could only be lamented upon but the people who are engaged in such activity usually take such commenting desirable as it contributes to the prevailing chaos that suits them.

It is often and vociferously pointed out that the leakages of incriminatory audio conversations are against the tenets of constitution whose Article 14 guarantees the dignity of man and privacy of home and by making private conversation public those who are engaged in this activity are violating it. It is also pointed out that this practice is undertaken with a relish by the people who have become used to spying on individuals including public officials. It is assumed with a great degree of finality that the recording group of people is gradually expanding the area of their activity and no one is safe from their vicious intention. There is hardly any doubt that they undertake such activity with the ultimate intention of manipulating their targets whenever they find the time to be right for it. This is certainly a criminal activity but the way it is condoned in the country points out to a complicity of state officials in it as the most sophisticated equipment required to record conversations is considered to be at their exclusive disposal.

It is also evident that the actual intention behind such activity is to ultimately exercise control over people particularly the ones operating in the public domain. The people engaged in this activity have grown dangerously confident and they do not hesitate to record and release conversation taking place in the office of the prime minister and that high office was unable to do something about it. So encouraged, the perpetrators are now in no mood to spare anyone of consequence including their relatives as has been proved by the recent leakage of a conversation of the relative of the chief justice of Pakistan. Already both the PM Shehbaz Sharif and the opposition leader Imran Khan have been subjected to leaked conversations and they have roundly condemned such attempts but to no avail. These personages vowed challenging the unknown perpetrators in the courts of law but nothing came out of such avocations.

Interestingly, all targets of the audio leakages have called for investigations to be carried out in this respect and had appealed to the Supreme Court to intervene in order to put an end to this obnoxious trend but their pleas were largely ignored. In this respect it is mentioned that the Pakistani laws are mostly vague and open-ended aiding surveillance of public officials under the garb of protecting national interest and usually consider themselves to be absolved of any regulation prohibiting them from carrying out such activity. Though due weightage is assigned to the nature of the aims and objectives of security agencies but it is pointed out in this vein that the mindset and priorities of the people directing these agencies could not be considered to be guided by rationality and fairplay. They appear to be taking undue advantage of the rather large mandate given to them and it has become quite clear that they are bent upon manipulating the so-called opposition they view as detrimental to their designs.

It is high time that all saner elements in the country realise the gravity of the situation and stand up to see that the right is differentiated from the wrong and this dangerous deviation is put a stop to. It must also be kept in view that though the leakages target the PTI presently but they have the potential to target anyone and everyone so this issue should not be brushed under the carpet. This activity has raised serious concerns regarding not only the security of government institutions but also the confidence of the citizenry in the system as it may feel itself insecure even in the confines of its homes. It should be obviously clear that such intrusion creates an impression of an extremely debased society that has completely lost its moorings and is bent upon exposing matters that are supposed to remain within the privacy arena.

Recording telephone conversations should no longer be considered an accomplishment as with the available gadgetry it has become a simple skimming exercise and no more a specialisation that is required to be used for secret matters. Moreover with the growing emphasis on transparency in socio-political matters it must be ensured that background of any action is to be deduced through analysis based upon rational debate. What is needed is a constant opposition to this travesty of fairplay with strong appeals to the executive, parliament and judiciary to start taking punitive action against the perpetrators of such criminal activities. The Weekender


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