Innocent-looking but dangerous

ByKausar Fatima

Works in an international audit firm and writes for magazines


October 15, 2022

Kausar Fatima describes some interesting creatures

Apparently Innocent-looking but dangerous and looking harmful and attractive at face value some animals are very dangerous. Their deceptive innocence may not be underestimated as they could cause harm much more than expected. People are usually scared of aggressive animals and keep them at arms’ length but indulge some of them considering them to be lovely and endearing and this attitude could sometime prove to be mistaken. Here is the list of Innocent-looking but dangerous creatures.


Dolphins have a reputation as friendly animals. Many seaside tourist attractions offer swimming with dolphins packages. However, dolphins have been known to play rough, killing other animals for kicks and injuring people through biting. Aggressive bottlenose dolphins off the west coast of Ireland have occasionally bitten or tried to drown swimmers. Bottlenose dolphins are not cute and cuddly, they are not our friends, and nor do they benefit in any meaningful or long-term way from interacting with humans.


Deer are one of the most dangerous animals as they have been known to fatally gore people with their antlers as well. Deer-protecting fawns during the mating season have been known to show particularly aggressive behavior, lashing out at dogs and people.


Beavers are the second rodents in the world. They are known for their impressive dam-building skills. In Canada, the beaver has been a national symbol throughout the country’s history. They can be aggressive when defending their territory, and have attacked and seriously injured dogs and people. In 2013, a fisherman in Belarus was even bitten to death by an angry beaver.


Swans can be found around the world but swan-watchers should probably keep their distance, especially during mating season. Swans have been known to attack people usually people fishing, who get too close to their nests.

Giant panda

In the popular imagination, giant pandas are bamboo-munching forest dwellers but wild pandas have a dangerously powerful bite. Pandas crunch through hard bamboo stalks; their bite can cause serious damage to any humans unlucky or careless enough to annoy them.


Generations of children have grown up surrounded by friendly, fictional elephants and elephant-like creatures. But here again, fiction does not reflect reality; the cartoon elephants are vastly sweeter and more docile than the living, breathing, trumpeting savannah dwellers. In India, more than 400 people each year are killed by elephants, and attacks are becoming more common as humans and elephants compete for living space across Asia and Africa. The Weekender


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