Inheriting family traits

ByElsa Sc S

Doing her graduation from LUMS & a keen researcher


February 5, 2023

Elsa Sc S describes the importance of genetic

It is often pointed out that a child has her mother’s eyes or his father’s hair. This is usually the case when children are compared to their parents. Though the variation in genetic modulation in totality is difficult to figure out but the scientific research has identified many traits that can trace their Inheriting family traits and origins back to the parents.

To begin with is the question of intelligence and in this respect it is said that women are wiser and, while that might be or not true, what is the fact is that a child inherits his or her intelligence from maternal genes. That is not all one gets from one’s mother as studies point out that one’s ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy metabolism comes from her. Interestingly it is also pointed out in the same vein that one may blame one’s father for putting on weight. However, this factor is also substantially related to one’s lifestyle and the way one feeds him or herself. The genetics of both parents have a role in puberty, nonetheless, as studies mention that one has to thank his or her father once one hits puberty earlier than the rest of one’s class fellows.

Family history is also important to know if one has dementia later in life, particularly that of one’s mother’s family. In this respect studies tend to point out that the genetic risks associated with Alzheimer’s Disease primarily comes from one’s mother. It is quite surprising to learn that a woman’s fertility could be affected by a gene inherited by her father. It is pointed out that a genetic dysfunction passed by the father could affect a woman’s egg cell, rendering her infertile. This is quite surprising keeping in view the vague connection between these factors.

One who faces problems focusing is directly attributed to one’s mother. If one’s mother had lower levels of serotonin, then one is more likely to develop attention-deficit disorders. Studies also mention that one’s sex is defined by one’s genes but the family of one’s father might play a role in it. This fact is corroborated by studies that mention that if a man has more brothers or more sisters might influence the children he might have.

One big issue is related to baldness amongst men. Common wisdom says that losing hair is something that is inherited from mother’s side. However, this is a myth and that one’s receding hairline might be a result of both parents. TW

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