Indian submarine snooping



March 12, 2022


Pakistan Navy intercepted and tracked an Indian submarine snooping in Pakistani waters. The relevant authorities pointed out that this particular submarine belonged to the latest Kalvari class Indian submarine. It was also mentioned that the recent incident being the fourth detection in the last five years. It was mentioned that during prevailing security environment and ongoing Pakistan Navy Exercise the possibility of Indian unit lurking into Pakistan maritime zone for reconnaissance and gathering information on exercise was anticipated. Keeping in view this factor strict monitoring watch and stringent vigilance procedures were enforced with the result that Pakistan Navy anti-submarine warfare unit took the lead and prematurely intercepted and tracked the Indian submarine. This event was the latest in a series of such incidents and the last such incident was reported in October 2021 when the navy detected and blocked an Indian submarine from entering Pakistani waters. It is appropriate to mention that the UN Convention on Law of Sea does not allow a state to carry out manoeuvres or exercises in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and in the continental shelf of another coastal state without its consent. The latest snooping carried out by the Indians betrays the ulterior motives of India. TW


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