Imran keen to debate Modi



February 26, 2022


The duke of Banigala is rearing to have a go at Narendra Modi believing that their face-to-face candid discussion will prove beneficial for their people. He thinks that their two peoples are locked up in a struggle that is sapping their collective energy and it would be healthy if a parley between both the leaders could solve their problems. He regretted that India, once regarded as a secular country has now been taken over by mad and racist ideologies. He added that what is currently happening in India is not what Indians are like and that this is not India of Nehru and Gandhi. He expressed the hope that one day the Indian government would concentrate on pulling Indians out of poverty rather than focusing on race superiority. The duke’s wish may have come out of the realisation that Modi is not known to engage in TV debates and has not held a formal news conference since coming to power in 2014 and that the chances of his wish appear to be extremely remote. This wish, therefore, appears to be a calculated dig at the Indian PM whom the duke thinks is far inferior to him in media imagery without realising that the substance is more relevant than just visibility.TW


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