Impressive yachts



May 15, 2022

Impressive yachts

Malik Nasir Mahmood Aslam describes some enticing water transport


From a $600 million invite-only mega-yacht full of fabulous apartments to the luxurious floating havens of billionaires and celebrities, there are some stunning super-yachts and giga-yachts on the water now or setting sail soon. These Impressive yachts are enticing in extreme and impress anyone who sets an eye on them. They regularly ply on high seas and are a treat to watch.
Last year Lurssen put the finishing touches to the magnificent Opus giga-yacht. The 465-foot vessel features the very latest stabilizing technology for ultimate comfort, even on the roughest seas. Amenities include 20 staterooms, two heli-decks, a pool, jacuzzi and spa, elevators and a diving center. Opus is one big vessel and can accommodate as many as 36 people.
Project Pollux
Another Heesen triumph, the 180-foot Project Pollux super-yacht is currently in its technical launch phase. The sensational steel vessel, which had an asking price of $47.9 million when it featured on Burgess in 2019, will feature floor-to-ceiling windows, chiseled lines and roomy interiors with copious Italian marble, fine oak and bronze accents.
Another 266-footer, Vitruvius is the longest yacht currently under construction at Turquoise Yachts. Vitruvius has metallic blue notes to its exterior to complement the sea and the sky, while a large stateroom, private lounge and wraparound terrace give the yacht’s interiors a great feeling of space. This Impressive yachts also has six guest cabins, two of which are convertible VIP suites.
The high-end Ritz-Carlton hotel chain was set to launch its much-anticipated ‘Yacht Collection’ in June last year, but the coronavirus pandemic set the inaugural voyage back to November 2021. But it will be worth the wait, as the first of three vessels to set sail, the 623-foot Evrima, is more giga-yacht than cruise ship and will feature 149 opulent suites, two stunning infinity pools, a restaurant curated by decorated chef Sven Elverfeld, champagne bar, spa, and a relaxation lounge. The maiden voyage will go from Lisbon, Portugal to Palma, Mallorca, but the super-yachts will offer 40 different voyages, which include stop-off experiences such as visiting a Bordeaux vineyard and meeting a shaman in the Grenadines.
Amels 242
Amels’ newest project the 242 will be large enough to comprise a dedicated owner’s deck and grand lobbies. Set for delivery in Spring 2024, the 242-foot vessel oozes opulence with not one, not two, but three jacuzzis onboard, and an appearance described as “athletic” and “feminine” by its exterior designer Tim Heywood. A fully-equipped wellness center and a 21-foot swimming pool also feature on this Impressive yachts.
Set to be the world’s largest yacht in terms of both length and volume when it hits the seas in 2024, Somnio – meaning “dream” in Latin – will be a very impressive super-yacht, with a very impressive $600 million price tag to match. But its 728 feet length isn’t the only special thing about this yacht. Somnio will have 39 apartments across six floors that are being sold off to invite-only buyers with a starting price of $11 million each. This will make it the only residential yacht in the world to date. Each apartment will be bespoke according to each buyer’s wishes, but areas such as a gym, library and indoor and outdoor dining spaces are likely to be included. Shared amenities will include a 10,000-bottle wine cellar, tasting room, lounge, and concierge service, as well as plenty of high-end restaurants and bars to choose from. TW

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