Important inventions



March 28, 2022

Important inventions


Elsa Sc S explores the fascinating world of inventions

Important inventions Western world encourages scientific inventions and provides monetary assistance to outstanding inventors. Important inventions Like dams and solar fields, & renewable energy plants are often installed at a distance from population centers resulting in loss of power during supplying energy to consumers.
Gunnar Asplund of Sweden has devised a method to bury cables that can transport energy over thousands of kilometers without losing a single volt. Dengue fever is a scourge. WHO estimates that nearly half of the global population is at risk of contracting this potentially fatal disease. Luke Alphey of UK has invented a method of combating dengue fever by genetically controlling mosquitoes to gradually breed out the ones that carry the disease. The impact of this invention is considered to be eventually massive. Almost all areas of Pakistan suffer from this menace particularly Punjab and KP therefore this invention may provide wherewithal to Pakistani authorities to combat this nuisance.
Fine tuning, remote controlling and making it useful for people with mobility issues John Elvesjo and Marten Skogo of Sweden have invented an eye-tracking system called Tobii that enables users control computers through their eyes. An infrared sensor tracks the direction of user’s eyeballs and turns them into a computer mouse. Government of Pakistan provides special quotas for people with mobility impediments and can take advantage of this invention.
Hendrik Marius Jonkers of Holland has invented a bio-concrete full of bacteria naturally producing calcium carbonate (limestone). The bacteria can lie dormant for up to 200 years. When the concrete cracks, it activates the bacteria, which seal up the cracks. Though its production is currently twice as costly as that of regular concrete this remarkable invention could potentially extend the life of buildings and roads worldwide by decades. Pakistan is widely recognised to be in the midst of a construction boom and this unique invention may prove beneficial for construction industry.
A Frenchman, Jean-Christophe Giron who is currently VP of SAGE Electrochromics, a subsidiary of Paris based materials company Saint-Gobain has invented an intelligent window capable of converting rays of sun into warmth to heat homes in winter. This window serves dual purpose as it also darkens the sunlight in summer. This invention is estimated to reduce energy costs of a building by up to 20 per cent. Installation of solar energy is quite common in Pakistan and this matter may be looked into.
WHO estimates that nearly 20 million children under the age of five suffer from acute malnutrition. Michel Lescanne of France has invented a peanut paste (Plumpy’nut) that will help treating children suffering the effects of malnutrition at home instead of being treated in hospital. It will also help fight famine. Classic remedy for malnutrition conditions of Thar.
Carbon Nanotubes are futuristic material that are harder than diamonds and conduct electricity better than copper. They may replace silicon as computer chips making material. This invention by Sumio Iijima, Akira Koshio and Masako Yudasaka of Japan is one of the biggest finds in material sciences. Very relevant for dilapidated power supply network of Pakistan that hampers power supply badly.
The outstanding invention of Elizabeth Holmes of the US who developed a test for a plethora of health issues using a single drop of blood obtained with a finger prick. Holmes’ method is virtually painless and takes only hours to get results. It is widely used in emergency treatment of hospitals in western countries. Holmes, a Stanford University dropout is now the world’s youngest self-made woman billionaire. Pakistan’s vast official health network can take advantage of this wonderful invention.
Lifetime achievement award was given to Kornelis Schouhamer of Holland for inventing technology that stores large quantities of data on optical discs like CDs. It will also fete Andreas Manz of Switzerland for his outstanding invention known as laboratory on a microchip. TW

Elsa Sc S is doing her graduation from LUMS & a keen researcher


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