Highest paid footballers

ByAshraf Ali Siddiqi

In electronic media


February 12, 2023

Highest paid footballers

Ashraf Ali Siddiqui mentions the high salaries of football stars

Football World Cup in Qatar witnessed the top Highest paid footballers operating in their full swing entertaining large crowds and also fascinating many more watching the tournament on their TV screens. The massive popularity of the game has brought riches to the players and also the clubs they play for. The salaries earned by football players are very handsome and even among them the star players enjoy massive earnings. It is pointed out that the life on top of game of football that is very powerful in nature and the intensity of physical contact in it could be very damaging physically. Moreover, the playing tenures of top players span a limited time therefore the high salaries they earn are widely approved.

Very high salaries are paid by most European club as the fans and audiences in Europe are crazy after the game. The football season in winter is the most popular sport in Europe and most tournaments played in it are highly rated.

The highest paid of the lot is Cristiano Ronaldo who currently has been picked up by Al-Nassr and is being paid 200 million euros. The second highest salary is paid to Kylian Mbappé playing for Paris Saint-Germain getting 91 million euros that is just the half of what is earned by Ronaldo. Lionel Messi of Paris Saint-Germain earns 64 million euros and he is very popular in playing circles. Neymar playing for Paris Saint-Germain gets a salary of 56 million euros.

Barcelona’s Antoine Griezmann earns 46 million euros and stands at fifth position. Anoterh Barcelona player Frenkie de Jong earns 38 million euros. Slightly behind is also Barcelona player Sergio Busquets whose salary is reported to be 37 million euros. Eighth on the list is Eden Hazard who plays for Real Madrid who is paid 31 million euros. Gerard Piqué of Barcelona earns 30 million euros with Sergio Ramos of Paris Saint-Germain earns 27 million euros. TW


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