Going haywire



May 20, 2023

Going Haywire

Going Haywire – It is quite obvious to a discerning eye that the ship of Pakistani state is not only rudderless but its passengers are also extremely callous deeply engrossed by their self-serving pursuits. Though the state apparatus appears to be intact but the writ of the state has simply disappeared. Things are unraveling but no one could predict which way it would go. It is painful to observe the déjà- vu hitting Pakistanis after regular intervals with the unfortunate fact that nothing constructive emerges out of every upheaval.
The scenario though appears very hectic with the coalition government issuing a volley of press releases and the latest of them shows it grappling with the rising inflation and sleep-talking about the end of the fiscal and monetary crisis in the country and consistently ignoring the situation on the ground implying that the fountain of inflation is based within the country controlled by vicious mafias. The inferred reality is that everything is topsy-turvy and the paint job may not last for very long. But then what is in the offing is certainly not clear.

By the look of things battle-lines are clearly drawn between the overt and covert factors responsible for determining national affairs. Both sides are battling their demons painstakingly hiding their conflicts. It is quite clear that both sides are suffering equally though they maintain a bravado that is just as skin-deep. Discerning observers can gauge the discomfiture but are helpless to fathom the end result. In the meanwhile national issues are direly neglected and the wavering downward slide continues.
The problem is not simply political confronting the country but it has serious socio-economic angles that could only be resolved in an atmosphere devoid of frenzy but it looks that a frenzied front suits the gladiators. From their point of view it is imperative to beat around the bush to turn the gaze away from the essentials. Many profound geo-strategic changes are taking place and both the sides want that they pass away unnoticed without disturbing the current status quo but while wishing so they forget that, like habits, old issues die hard.

The regional shifts are gradually corresponding with global shifts and this is precisely the time to develop a national consensus about the developing saga otherwise it will become another Pandora’s Box having the potential to keep the gladiators engaged in conflict for a long time to come. This negligence entails that nothing has been learnt from the past and games that failed to produce satisfactory results in the bygone era are being played again with a renewed flourish. They are completely unmindful of the fact that to err is human but to keep on erring is catastrophically absurd.

It is another thing to harp on the resilience of Pakistanis but without actually sizing up the level of resilience it is a self-defeating motto like others so familiar to the body-politic of the country. It is becoming clear that the psycho-somatic profile of the nation is bursting at the seams and it looks highly probable that it may burst at some very awkward moment. It is not realised that it is futile to expect that a fast-growing horde of people can be fed on promises without finally bringing them to fruition. The people of the country have reached the point where they do not know where they stand and if the situation is allowed to persist then they may lose whatever moorings they are left with.

The situation calls for not just issuing another warning but a radical reappraisal that has already become too late. And not only reappraisal would do unless it is accompanied by a real relief mechanism. The era of taking notices and changing administrative guard holds no relevance now as people do not care wee bit about such sops. What is needed is a productive action laden with plenty of sincerity and devotion. It looks quite certain in the prevailing circumstances that the current batch of overt and covert national players is singularly handicapped to provide such a relief.

The situation demands coming down from the high portals of self-justified positions and stances and to think and act like common people. It should be strongly borne in mind that a common person is the epitome of goodness and sincerity and joining him in his rank is a privilege and certainly not a come down as is the current perception of the clique that matters. It should also be kept strongly in view that the only policy to survive the rigours of time is the one based upon consensus. Consensus is what people agree upon and all effort should be directed towards attaining this goal. Rest is all delusion and glory that is of no consequence and may fast become a liability. TW


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