Fishy Turnaround Of The Economy



October 2, 2022

Fishy Turnaround Of Economy Of The Country

It is indeed astonishing to note that the economy of the country which was reportedly nose-diving till last week suddenly changed direction like a fishy turnaround and started to climb upward and with mind-boggling speed. The rupee recovered from its long-term illness without being dispensed any potent medicine and went out to gym taking rigorous exercise. The restoration of the dramatic restoration of health of the Pakistani currency was credited to the Midas touch of the new finance minister who was till recently loathed and reviled in many influential circles of the country.

Many cynics, however, persevere in their opinion and insist that all this rags-to-riches drama was stage managed. They point out that how come the country whose one third area is still reportedly submerged in water after devastating floods produced out of nowhere so much money to reduce the fuel prices by a reasonable level along with cutting down the electricity tariff. There is certainly a lot that does not meet the eye and it clearly looks that the audio leaks drama is brought to fore to cover up the tracks but sooner or later people are going to go deeper into the causes of this sudden turnaround or fishy turnaround in the economic fortunes of the country. The Weekender


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