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August 13, 2023

War perspective

Nida Faraz mentions some interesting movies

War perspective – Most people are fortunate enough to not experience the horrors of war. However, a film depicting the realities of war usually opens eyes of the viewers to its horrors and tragedies. But such films also an increase the horizons of people and help develop their understanding.

The Last Samurai (2003)
The film follows an American regiment captain trying to Westernize samurai forces in 19th century Japan. The dialogue and costumes are quite accurate but the plotline is a little lacking. Tom Cruise taught the Japanese warriors to shoot muskets in one scene but this caught the attention of critics as the soldiers should have known how to use rifles by that point in time. Aside from this, the filmmakers showed the Japanese samurais as noblemen interested in the greater good but the truth was that they were more similar to the mafia.

The Red Baron (1971)
This1971 movie focuses on a conflict between fighter pilots facing off against one another during the First World War. The film uses the real names and stories of the people involvedbut everything else is fictionalised from top to bottom. It had an average script and a small budget but still it was able to portray the story with aerial accuracy.

The Finest Hour (1991)
Set in the time of the Gulf War, the film used a different setting. The plot revolves around two best pals both in the NAVY SEALs. When their friendship is tested by a woman, it takes a war to bring them back together. The movie feels like it cares a lot more about the love story instead of the war. The good news is that it was fun to see Rob Lowe with a silly mustache.

Green Zone (2010)
Green Zone was based on a 2006 book about the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The movie stars Matt Damon in the role of U.S. Army Chief Roy Miller. His task was to sort out which information is fake and which is real. It was pointed out that the film tried to hide the failures of the writing using a lot of action. It did not help that the action and costumes are not realistic either.

Platoon (1986)
Platoon is somewhat of an older film but is considered to be one of the best movies on Netflix. Platoon is a proper adaptation of the many things that can go wrong in the human mind when pushed to its limit. A young man, who is played by the amazing Charlie Sheen with a longing for glory enlists in the Vietnam war but quickly realises the costs that come with the position. Especially when they are forced to treat the locals in a way he does not agree with. The film is more of a psychological thriller than a war movie.

The Thin Red Line (1998)
The Thin Red Line is a great movie. The film explores the particular fighting styles and strategies used by the Japanese infantry during their island warfare, where the line between morality and victory was compromised. Released in 1998, many people deem this as one of the best of its genre and of course an outstanding introspective film about war.

Gallipoli (1981)
Gallipoli is an Australian movie that gives insight into World War I. Starring Mel Gibson, the film was praised by numerous critics, completely swept Australian film awards and still remains one of the greatest war epics of all time. Many have described the movie as a compelling and engaging story. While others found the film completely breathtaking. The Weekender


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