Extremely colourful

ByKausar Fatima

Works in an international audit firm and writes for magazines


August 7, 2022

Extremely colourful

Kausar Fatima describes some Extremely colourfulexceptionally beautiful creatures

Human race is very fond of flashy Extremely colourful and is surrounded by a world where the pool water is turquoise, the cheese curls are electric orange and the sports drinks and nail polish can be literally any colour. It is however pointed out often that many animals have clearly outdone human reach of colour. When looked at them one is astounded by the extremely fascinating colours some creatures are born with and they are so eye-catching that there is no other than them. Such creatures belong to the types of fish, birds, amphibians and even a few insects.

Gouldian Finch
The Gouldian finch is a species of finch native to Australia. Although it is one of Australia’s national symbols and used to be common across much of the continent, trapping for the pet trade and decreased availability of feeding grounds have led to its decline, and it is considered an endangered species. Like many birds, the male finches use their bright colours for mating; the plumage of female finches looks like a faded version of their male counterparts’ finery. One odd finch fact: the finches are very poor nest builders and tend to borrow termite mounds for nesting space!

Spanish Dancer Sea slug
The Spanish Dancer is one of the largest and most striking sea slugs on the planet. It is found in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Red Sea. It moves by undulating its body in an S-shape, which causes the sides of its body to curl like a flamenco dancer’s skirt. The bright colouring is intended as a warning to potential predators that the slug doesn’t taste good and may even be poisonous.

One cannot talk about colourful animals without mentioning the toucan. These rainbow-beaked birds are native to the rainforest of Mexico and South America. Scientists have identified about 40 subspecies of toucan. Scientists are divided on the purpose of the toucan’s beak— some believe it allows the birds to pick berries from trees more easily, while others believe it serves as a sounding box to amplify the bird’s mating call. The beak can also be used for self-defence, or quite simply to show off. Another weird beak fact: the toucan’s beak can grow as long as 23 centimetres (9 inches) and appears very beautiful.

Poison Dart Frog
Poison dart frogs are some of the brightest-coloured creatures on earth. Their colours serve as a giant warning system to predators: “We are the most poisonous animals around. If you eat us, you will drop dead. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.” The frogs are native to the jungles of Central and South America. Some species have enough poison to kill ten adult humans. For centuries, tribes living in the Amazon rainforest have put frog poison on the tips of their blowgun darts when hunting, hence the popular name poison dart frog. The reason for their being toxic is that they stock poisons carried by their insect prey; dart frogs bred in captivity never develop poison.

Rainbow-coloured macaws are native to Central and South America. For centuries, they have been prized as pets because of their colourful feathers and their extraordinary memories; some macaws can learn and repeat hundreds of words! Some species of macaw have become endangered due to trapping for the pet trade and logging in their natural habitats. In the wild, macaws eat nuts, seeds, flowers and small animals such as snails; they stay with one mate all their lives and live up to 60 years.

Rainbow Agama
The rainbow agama is a resilient and adaptable lizard native to West and Central Africa. Agamas live in small groups presided over by a single dominant male, who turns his body blue and his head bright red or yellow as a way of asserting his authority; non-dominant agamas are usually green or brown. TW

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