ESUP remembers past presidents

ByUmair Ali

Trainee lawyer


March 15, 2023

Umair Ali looks at a

In a dignified event the ESUP paid its respects to its past presidents and eulogised their contribution towards its cause. The event was very well-attended and was devoted to fond recollections about ESUP past presidents Byram D Avari and Naveed A Khan. The family members of both families were invited besides a large number of the Karachi luminaries.

Addressing the gathering, the President ESU International Council and Patron in Chief Aziz Memon and President Kalim Farooqui spoke about their contributions to the ESUP. Besides, they also narrated personal stories on the occasion highlighting their own experiences with the two. Others from the Executive Committee of ESUP who spoke were Pervez Madraswala, Irfan Qureshi, and Majyd Aziz. Past President ESUP, Abdul Kader Jaffer also shared his friendship with both.

The meeting was held to find solace in the loving memories they have left behind. Both were iconic figures in their own right and contributed to society they lived in and cherished. Late Naveed Khan’s son, Bakhtiar Khan gave a somber but eventful account of his father’s business and personal life while Byram Avari’s two sons, Dinshaw and Xerxes Avari gave a detailed narration of the life and time of their father from a young man to becoming a renowned hotelier and entrepreneur who was diligently guided by their grandfather.

Byram Avari’s ascent from business to community service and into politics was elaborated with heartwarming anecdotes. Xerxes, in a lighter note, revealed funny moments shared by the family with their revered father. TW


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