ESUP hosts Chairman KPT

ByKausar Fatima

Works in an international audit firm and writes for magazines


September 8, 2022

Kausar Fatima records an informative event

English Speaking of Union of Pakistan (ESUP) provides its credible public forum to members of the society who are entrusted with important public functions. The idea is to keep the relevant sectors and the general public duly informed about various public matters that are important in their context. This time round the ESUP invited Chairman Karachi Port Trust to share his thoughts on the public aspects of his assignment and inquire from him what his organisation was doing in this respect. The event was planned to discuss matters pertaining to the role played by the KPT in the civic affairs of Karachi as the organisation is mandated to do its bit in respect of fulfilling its responsibility as an effectual corporate citizen.

Dr. S.M. Tariq Huda has recently joined KPT as Chairman and has been in public service for over three decades working and heading government outfits that carry considerable weight in public matters. He had contributed tremendously towards the progressive development efforts undertaken by successive governments and he is rated as an effective development planner and executor. He holds the reputation of being a can-doer and accomplishes any task assigned to him. As head of many important public bodies, Dr. Huda has proved his mettle and is highly regarded for his administrative acumen and prudent perception.

Dr. Huda emphasised the crucial role Karachi has and is playing in the affairs related to the country. He said that hailing from Karachi he is acutely aware of the potential the city possesses in furthering the physical development of the city that ultimately is important for the country. He regretted the devastation caused by the recent disastrous rainfall that has negatively affected the country and, in particular, Karachi. He said that he has appealed to many social welfare organisations to donate funds for mitigating the difficulties experienced by the rain-affectees. He added that his organisation is doing its best to provide medical assistance to the people along with catering to their everyday needs.

He regretted that vested interests have cast a vice-like grip on the affairs of Karachi but that he was determined to fight against them and is in the process of righting wrongs done. He pointed out that the vested interests have encroached lands belonging to the KPT and the mangroves are fast disappearing depriving the maritime life of its much needed sustenance mechanism. The city is deprived of even the basic necessities and the deluge is enveloping all segments of the society. All civic systems have collapsed. He regretted that the Karachiites do not involve themselves in public affairs and most of them are involved in trade and commerce. The result is that the city lacks many vital aspects of life such as sports are ignored.

He lamented the fact that the country is fast losing its lustre owing to the brain drain putting Karachi on a path of decline. He said that owing to the diversity of its nature, Karachi is still the repository of great ideas that are required to be explored. He emphasised that the partition of the subcontinent yielded an enormously progressive Karachi and this status of the city is required to be sustained. He pointed out that Karachi Port has been the gateway as well as the life line of the country for more than seven decades and it still discharges the role assigned to it along with Port Qasim with Gwadar Port coming up.

Answering the questions of the audience, Dr. Huda said that under his watch the resources of KPT will be harnessed for the betterment of the city and the country. He briefly outlined the proposals he is undertaking including public works that would facilitate traffic movement around the congested place KPT is located. He said that he is trying to obtain a large insurance building in Kharadar area with a view to convert it into a public library indicating that he may solicit the assistance of the British Council operating in Pakistan. In response to a query he undertook building washrooms in the beach area to facilitate people visiting the vast beaches of the city. He also said that many schemes are in the pipeline that would soon be devised and implemented. TW


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