Eavesdropping continues



July 30, 2022

The string of indiscreet activities carried out in the country shows no signs of abating and it has now reached the level whereby important political and social figures have come into its grip. The latest escapade in this context was the public complaints launched by PTI leader Shireen Mazari who flagrantly blamed the intelligence agencies for planting an eavesdropping device in her bedroom. She mentioned knowing about the proximity of the audio recording device when it fell down from the coffee table after her employee accidentally knocked it over. She said that at first she took it to be USB but she later found out it to be an American model voice recorder. Mazari also showed the device to the media and explained that the audio recording device could be controlled from a distance. She claimed that her domestic employee was browbeaten to plant the device in her bedroom lamenting that there was no shame, no respect and no regard to sanctity of home. She announced to file a petition in the Islamabad High Court and added that it was her constitutional right. She also appealed to anyone involved in this despicable activity to stop it as it impinges on the privacy of individuals. TW


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